We May See The All-Electric Lamborghini Urus Soon

NK May 05 2022


The Lamborghini Urus is one of the most extreme SUVs money can buy - with its twin-turbocharged 641 horsepower 4 liters 8 cylinder engine, it’s mightily quick; 60 mph will be dispatched in less than 3 seconds and an aluminum body on top that weighs just 4580 pounds (1908kg), this car has all sorts power under control!

Evolving into an all-electric vehicle isn't just a possibility for the Raging Bull, but inevitable. Senior Vice President of Design Mitja Borkert recently confirmed this to Australian publication Drive while speaking about their upcoming line up which includes both hybrid and fully electric vehicles "the future."'

Borkert continued, "Our interpretation is that probably the more versatile and daily use cars such as an SUV or pickup truck - for sure they will be first fully electrified compared to pure super vehicles."

The next-generation Urus will be an electric vehicle, but it's not clear if that means the replacement for this super SUV yet. However, with Borkert and Lamborghini wanting to reveal too much as yet about their new project soon enough we'll know more noting that "for these kinds of cars electrification makes more sense." It's clear to see which direction they're taking after his initial confirmation was quickly backtracked by him!

The Raging Bull isn't opposed to electrification, but it seems that an all-electric model will come first. 2024 is when they plan on introducing their first full EV and by 2030 there should be one available for sale as well! This might not seem like much time compared with other companies who have announced plans of releasing more than one electric car within two years (Maserati anyone?), however, this segment has been sparsely populated until now so anything could happen.


In the world of luxury cars, it's hard to compete with Lamborghini. The ICE-powered Urus may be a worthy competitor for those who want an SUV that doesn't shame them on gas mileage or acceleration times but is looking more at what you can do in terms of design and performance from inside your garage than how fast something goes when driving down narrow country roads - which is where this Model X Plaid really shines!

A lot has changed since we last looked over one of these models back then: electric vehicles are no longer niche pastimes reserved only by rich people without any sense whatsoever (as if they ever were) while SUVs as such continue their steady decline thanks largely due to increased popularity within different segments like muscle cars or crossovers.

The Lamborghini Urus has been a hit with enthusiasts, and the company's latest update to this amazing vehicle will make it even more powerful. With an uprated engine that could potentially produce 700hp or so - enough power for any track! This new variant is likely called "Evo" which means 'evolving,' reflecting how they're evolving their already successful formula of combining luxury features such as leather seats+BMWomorphic dashboard cabinetry.

Some people are not happy about the impending era of electric cars, but don't worry because Lamborghini isn’t finished with combustion engines just yet. The brand plans on using this technology for some time and will most likely integrate hybridizing into their engine soon enough as well!