VW Announced A Big Recall Of Their Atlas SUVs Due To Safety Issues

VD March 03 2022

Volkswagen Group America announced a voluntary recall on their Atlas SUV. The move affects 222,892 units of both the large and small sport-utility vehicles from VW's lineup which could result in side airbags not deploying properly during accidents causing injuries.
The company is taking this very seriously as they recognize how serious these issues can be for drivers who have already suffered or will eventually sustain physical harm because no one wants an unexpected thing. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released documents that support a recall of certain model year 2022 Volkswagen SUVs. The SUV's side airbag "may deploy later than designed," which poses potential safety risks in events when it needs to be used most--such as protecting drivers and passengers from sudden movements near their windows or outside door handles while driving down the highway at 70 mph!

It looks like there are two things you should know about this situation: first off, what we've learned from reading through all available information so far; secondly — and more importantly – how widespread these problems might actually affect.

The report says that over time, the small movements of your car's wire harness can damage it and cause corrosion which then disrupts electrical connection to components indoors. This is a very common issue with vehicles that have been in storage for long periods. The Terminal A-Pillar connects directly into the front door, and if there are any small movements from wire harnesses or corrosion on these terminals then it could damage both surfaces until eventually disrupting electricity flow throughout your vehicle's electronics system!

There is a chance that your vehicle's airbag warning light will illuminate, though extreme cases could see unexpected rolling down of windows and other restrictive actions occurring at low speeds. In addition, there are possible faults with door sensors as well which need attention from the mechanic soon!

VW is recalling quite a few models of cars, with the most recent being for 2019-2020 Atlas and 2020/2021 Cross Sport. There are also reports on recall from this year's model year such as at least 113K units manufactured between October 4th, 2019 - February 10th, 2022 that need repairs due to Takata airbag issues!

VW is set to notify dealers and owners by May 10th about this recall. The company says they will offer a reimbursement program under the banner of "voluntary", but we all know how well those words work when it comes down right?
A quick search online shows that there are already many people who have registered their vehicles with an appreciation for being notified ahead o time rather than waiting until after an accident occurs which could cause further damage/injuries.