Volkswagen Reviving Scout Brand With New Electric Pickup And SUV

NK May 05 2022

The return of the Scout brand is a long-awaited moment for many auto enthusiasts. In September last year, rumors started doing rounds claiming that Volkswagen would be bringing it back and having indirect ownership through their company Traton which owns MAN International NV (a subsidiary) as well other brands including Scania-Navistar LLC.

In 2020 fans were already anticipating this news because since then car companies have announced plans or cancellations due to lack of popularity such as Daimler's Smart division so there was a great expectation when word came out about what might happen next.

International Harvester, the predecessor to Navistar International was founded in 1986 and created what many consider today as one of their most famous vehicles. The original Scout SUV from this automaker had its roots back when they were known for making farm equipment but now it seems like there is still more history between these two companies because word got out that Volkswagen plans on taking over part ownership with an investment through IH's subsidiary LS Automotive which will see them building medium-duty trucks under several brands. 


In a bold move, Volkswagen has announced that they will be forming their own company to design and manufacture pickups in America. The CEO of the German automaker says "electrification provides an opportunity for us now enter this highly competitive segment as a group," underlining his ambition by making them relevant players within US markets. "We see great potential with electrified vehicles being at the forefront both aesthetically as well environmentally."

With its success in the US, Volkswagen is now taking an opportunity to introduce something new. "After successfully turning around their business here," says Diess about why they're doing this global expansion thing again (I thought we said already how well those strategies worked), "we want further strengthen our position as one of most significant growth markets for electric vehicles." The ID.4 was just released last month—with some pretty impressive stats on the range and efficiency--so I'm sure there will be plenty more reasons why everyone needs electrification - especially motorists."

The new company that will be founded to create the Scout off-roading EVs has access to Volkswagen's tech platforms and can leverage synergies, meaning they won't develop much from scratch but instead hope for adaptions of existing technologies. That said though; this platform promises even more pickup truck credibility beyond what you currently see in other vehicles made by Audi or Porsche!

It is possible that Volkswagen could release their first prototypes of this new car next year, with production scheduled to begin in 2026. So far there have only been teaser sketches released which suggest body shapes, not unlike those from Rivian R1T and R1S but we suspect they will be more affordable than what people might think as well since Scouts usually offer up some great options at an excellent price point!