Volkswagen Plans To Release The Most Powerful Golf R, Timed To Coincide With The Anniversary Of The Model

NK May 05 2022


The Golf R has been around for 20 years, and it's clear that Volkswagen wants to celebrate this milestone with the best model they have available. The standard car already produces 315 horsepower (with torque unchanged at 295 lb-feet) but in order not to disappoint fans who expect more from their sports cars than just average fuel efficiency or high speeds on asphalt roads only -the company announced a new edition of models called "20 Years." This special version will feature increased power due primarily to an increased useable engine capacity: now offering up 328hp instead.

With the DSG transmission, you can opt to use an Emotional Start driving mode. This will allow your car's engine and wheels to startup at around 2,500 rpm just like Mercedes-AMG’s similarly named 'Emotion Start.' But there is more! When in S or S+ modes (depending on preference), this vehicle gives noticeable feedback when shifting gears which makes for better acceleration whether it be during the knockdown time or not because of how preloaded turbocharger boosting force becomes under partial throttle conditions while accelerating onto highways.  This means that with just 4.6 seconds of possession, you can already reach 62 mph - making this car a legitimate sports hatchback!


The refreshed model boasts a more sophisticated look with its updated styling. The car now sports 20 badges on each B-pillar, which is repeated in the puddle lights to create an even bluer effect for your eyes at night—and day! You can choose between two color combinations: black or blue-rimmed 19" wheels (with gloss finish). Other than this though there isn't much difference besides some mirror caps changing from chrome tints into something else. Lapiz maybe? Who knows what they call themselves these days anyway?!
It also has R emblems proudly displayed front and center alongside fenders as well when opting not to go classic silver.

The Golf R 20 Years is the first-ever Volkswagen vehicle to be specially customized for collectors. The sport seats are finished in Nappa leather and get a blue 'R' logo on their backs, while carbon fiber trimming adds an extra touch of class that makes this car stand out from its competitors!

The most powerful and fastest Golf R yet, this car will be coming to America in just one year. It arrives in the middle of next season (2021) before departing again around mid-year 2022 - don't miss out! Pricing details are still being finalized but expect a noticeable premium over regular models which start at $43K USD.