This Year Lexus LC500 Will Receive A Softer And More Responsive Suspension, As Well As Some Additional Nice Features

NK October 10 2022


The Lexus LC500 is an excellent choice for those looking to experience the thrill of driving a powerful, luxurious car without sacrificing fuel efficiency. It has been beloved by many since its debut. It continues this popularity even after being introduced late in the touching season as one of the best cars that some time been on sale - not bad considering how good they already know these vehicles can be! Where else can you get a V8 that sounds like the inside of your car? We struggle to think about more than just a few cars with interiors as good-looking and well-thought-out in design as those from Japan's finest automaker - Toyota.

With the new Lexus LC500, there's not much that needs changing. We were hopeful they would ditch their long-lamented touchpad infotainment system but it looks like we'll have to wait another year for this change! However...the ride gets some significant improvements with excellent shocks and improved handling which make driving an absolute dream on these roads - I can't wait until summer rolls around again so all our favorite spots are open yet again!

The brand-new Lexus Driving Signature philosophy is designed to give the coupe and convertible LC500 better response, and ride comfort. But more on that in a moment so here's what we know right now: 
The first thing you'll notice when driving either car with this package installed is its improved handling capabilities thanks largely due an updated engine calibration which provides sharper responses at all times while still being able to keep up with traffic and ease of mindfully compose your next turn or two without having too much trouble anticipation where other vehicles might end up going because they're not getting feedback from their wheels until it’s way too late.

In 2021, Lexus Driving Signature was launched with the new IS500. This means that each car is "driven by a vision and efforts from the chief engineer." The goal of this philosophy is to deliver refined ride quality as well as quietness in all its vehicles built under it's banner-including those tested at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama where engineers work hard so we can have an enjoyable experience on our roads or pavements alike!


The new Lexus LC500 has been outfitted with a set of suspension settings that should make it feel more nimble than before. The company says these changes will improve ground contact feel and response time as well as steering effectiveness for those who drive this vehicle on roads or tracks alike!

The sport pack is the perfect option for those who love to drive fast and stay in control. The Torsen LSD, brake pads with increased stopping power thanks to the performance dampers included in this option as well as Alcantara seats make it an even more desirable car than before! 2023 brings new gloss black 21-inch wheels that weren't available when our last update came out but they're sure going to be perfect updates if you need them now or want them later down the line.

Lexus has announced that they will be releasing a new color for the LC500, and it's called CloudBurst Gray. For an extra $500 you can get this sleek shine with your next purchase! This shade of dark gray matches perfectly in any setting from city streets to country roads - making them perfect options whether on the go or at home enjoying life ahead full speed ahead.

The 2020 Lexus LC500 Coupe offers more than just luxury and power. You can read all about its ten-year extended safety features here, but it's so substantial that you're getting them for free! The MSRP starts at $94,600 (up from $93,150), with hybrids costing only $100,650 extra on top of this price if they are added into your purchase instead - which may be worth considering given how much protection trees provide us against crashes anyway.