This Upgrade Is Likely To Make You Look Afresh At The Boring Fiat 500e

VD May 05 2022


The Fiat 500 has had an eventful history in America. The automaker currently sells only one vehicle here, but back when it still sold several variants of this quirky little car to American drivers like themselves - including the all-electric supermini known as "500e." This particular model got less than modest range and power from its battery pack; however German tuning company Irmscher felt that with some upgrades on exterior components at least (new lights anyone?), this electric mini could be good enough for Americans who love customization options or own older models similar to this.

Irmscher has given that tiny Fiat reaches new heights with their body kit and wheels. The front bumper, side skirts, and bumpers all come together to form a sleek yet aggressive look that will leave opponents in awe! 

Irmschensch's 17-inch Turbo Star spinning disks provide just enough presence while maintaining an overall clean design language without any unnecessary features like scoops or vents which can make cars look tacky if not done tastefully - but they've got this handled perfectly on account of how well designed these components really were from start till finish.

On closer inspection, you will notice that this car has been given a luxurious upgrade in terms of interior design and materials used for its exterior coating! The leather seats are sure to make your day (or week) better while also being stylish at night with their amaretto brown or cherry red color options; they come wrapped up by diamond patterned fabric accents which catch the light when tilted towards beams from windows during daytime driving conditions - making these cars perfect treats without having any apparent weaknesses aside form some minor wear marks

Actually, the Fiat 500e is an underrated car. The 24-kilowatt hour battery and 84-mile range make it one of the most reliable electric vehicles on today’s market, but what really sets them apart are their handling qualities with 111 horsepower at your disposal as well as 147 lb-ft torque! Acceleration isn't something you need to worry about either because these little cars can easily keep up in traffic or peel away from stop signs without any problem whatsoever thanks to that lightweight frame construction.

Irmscher has not elaborated on when its full 500e package will be available, but it already sells a few parts for the car on its website. We also don't know how much these upgrades cost; however with used models going as low as $20k in some cases--your hard-earned money might just end up being better spent upgrading to an all-new electric vehicle instead of polishing up old fiat cars like I once did!