The New Mercedes-Benz EQXX Reached The Mark Of 626 Miles Without Recharging

VD April 04 2022

Mercedes-Benz, known for its luxurious vehicles and reliable engines is trying to show that it can create an electric car with the ultimate range. The company set out on a mission XX experiment which resulted in them proving how far 1-kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy will take you instead of using larger batteries as other companies do; all this without sacrificing performance or interior space!

The Mercedes Vision EQXX has almost 100 kWh of useable energy onboard! This vehicle went 621 miles on a single charge, more than enough to break 1,000 kilometers. There were still 140+/- km left at the end-of-trip when it finished its thousand km long journey in regular streets and traffic - this means that with some careful driving you too could easily achieve your own personal record distance driven without breaking any laws or getting into an accident (or both)!

Mercedes’s new EQXX is said to be the most fuel-efficient car in America, with just one kilowatt-hour consumed for every 7.14 miles traveled! This makes it much better than Tesla's most efficient Model 3 which only goes 4 miles on a single kWh of energy consumption - no wonder they call this thing "EQ"! 

The car is significantly more aerodynamically efficient than anything on the market today. The EQXX has a coefficient of drag of just 0.17, which means it can cut through the air at higher speeds with less force and produce much less energy for its weight in motion - an amazing piece of engineering!
This was done by removing everything from this vehicle that could be removed without affecting functionality or appearance – even going so far as trimming down interior components like seats to save space while maintaining comfort levels throughout all driving conditions.

 Finally, a car company that listens to its customers—we need 600 miles of range before we can make the transition from gas-guzzling cars like yours into electric vehicles (or hydrogen ones). So far there are pretty limited options available for those looking forward; start shouting at them now because this is an issue on which everyone needs clarity ASAP."