The New Jeep Grand Wagoneer Expects For An Upgraded And More Powerful Twin-Turbo Engine

VD April 04 2022

Jeep is adding a new engine option to their 2022 Grand Wagoneer, which will make it the first V6-powered luxury SUV. The five-liter Hemi was replaced with an inline-six last year and many people were happy about this change because they feel like there's no point in getting rid of powerful cars just yet while others prefer gas VPNS that emit less carbon dioxide emissions but still offer great performance numbers all around - so you can always choose whichever one works best for your needs!

Grand Wagoneers will be able to tow 10,000 pounds with the Hurricane engine option! If you require some help and advice about what kind of vehicle is best suited for your family's needs then read on because we have all information at hand here.
The new information was first reported by TFLtruck through one of its readers who noticed an addition made to their digital owner’s manual which includes details concerning this particular model's capability within different categories such as performance stats or electronics suite compatibility. Alongside confirmation that there exists three options-a base tune without any extras except maybe exterior Mods like mirrors etc., another called "Max Tow" requires equipment. However, you will need this package for sure, because a regular 4X4 model will only be able to handle around 5630 lbs before experiencing some type of failure whereas this new, stronger truck can easily pull 5 850lbs without issue!

New information has been discovered about this high-output engine, which includes a warning that owners should be aware of. The turbo coolant pump may continue running for an extended period after shutting off the motor and it's expected as part of normal operation due to its output power level! With such heavy use from all three turbos within each vehicle type (trucks/SUVs), there are additional care needs in making sure they stay well maintained with separate circuits dedicated just towards keeping them clean since their cooling systems will require more time following shutdowns lasting 20 minutes or sometimes even longer. 

Jeep has not yet announced how much power the new offering will produce in their Grand Wagoneer range, but we expect that it'll be with an output of over 500hp and 475 lb-ft torque on tap. The higher-end model should get access to this high-grade version while cheaper models are limited down here by Standard Output motor which offers 400 HP plus 450 Lb-Ft configuration. A confirmation is thankfully coming soon, so keep your ears perked!