The New Hyundai Ionic Will Get An Amazing Energy Efficiency - Literally The Best In Class

NK October 10 2022


Hyundai has revealed the first range predictions for their upcoming Ioniq 6, which will go on sale in North America come 2023.

Ioniq's energy efficiency is nothing short of spectacular. The brand recently publicized data for its upcoming models, including range and battery life, compared to competitors' vehicles that are similar in size or price point - but not as efficient! For example, A 2WD long-range 77 kW hour model can go 614 km (381 miles) before needing a recharge while consuming 14+ kWh/100km on average - - this makes it one of the most efficient offerings available!

The efficient 382-mile range model is best for those traveling long distances. However, the less-than-optimal 267-mile max output can still provide enough power when driving around town or on short trips within your city limits.

The Ioniq 6 has a big battery and excellent range, so it can go further than other models on a single charge. The electric four-door model also comes in well below six figures which are great for both its longevity as well speed charging at home or using fast chargers!


The figures Hyundai provided are all based on the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) process. It's a much better testing procedure than before but still not as stringent or formalizing an approach as what we see with EPA and NHTSA, which both deduct 10% from their average results for real-world fuel consumption numbers in order to get an accurate representation of how efficient one might be when driving across various terrains under different conditions over time - especially if you're just trying to maximize your mileage!

Hyundai has been impressively rated by the WLTP, but we're not so sure about their claims of a 384-mile range. The Ioniq 5 is an example that could help us guess what will happen when this car comes to America and how much energy it'll really need for driving around town.

Hyundai's Ioniq 5 is a great alternative to the popular Tesla Model 3. The carmaker claims that its range in the UK can vary anywhere between 238-315 miles depending on which model you choose, but their estimated range for the USA variants is 220 -303 milages with an average estimate coming out to about 286! This doesn't seem too bad considering how many people want BEVs or EVs now because they know there will never again have any gas prices like before.