The New Ford F-150 Will Be More Powerful Than It Was Expected

VD May 05 2022


We can't wait to get our hands on the new Ford F-150 Lightning. It's going electric! You know that Americans love their trucks, and this one is no different - they're chomping at the bit in anticipation of its release date which will be soon enough for us too since we also have an embargoed feeling about this fantastic news just being released today only hours ago.

The Ford Lightning will be a more powerful and capable truck than its customers expected, according to the Blue Oval. Both the standard version of this vehicle as well as an extended range model are capable of delivering outputs far greater than what was targeted when it first launched last year. The standard battery pack was originally intended for smaller cars but has been engineers so it can provide ample range in this larger vehicle with an extended-range option available as well!

"The Lightning is about to get even stronger," said Dapo Adewusi, F-150 vehicle engineering manager. He continued that they were serious when it came time for them "to raise the bar" on this truck including after its reveal late last year so customers could receive more than what was originally promised - which includes both big changes like an extended range engine with 580 horsepower, up from Ford's original 563 hp target, plus smaller ones such as 452 horsepower in a standard version or 775 lb.-ft torque no matter which one you buy!

The Lightning will be able to drive further than expected, at least according to the EPA. That includes a 20-mile increase for its trim levels and an estimated 320 miles of range thanks in part to new electric motors that are more powerful but less efficient than those used on older model Fords.

In March this year alone we've seen two major announcements regarding Ford's newest line up which include updates just about everywhere you look: their engines' power output has been increased by 5%, while also achieving greater fuel efficiency due largely because they're using batteries rather than gas or diesel-powered cars alike!


With a payload of 825 pounds, the Ford F150 Lightning is one of America's most successful tracks. But what makes this vehicle all that much better? Well, now you can haul an extra 215 lbs on top! That brings total capacity up to 2235 - which Pacific automakers recommend as your max load if pulling trailers or fifth wheels behind them too without fear for safety reasons (and we think those are important!).

The coming days are going to be full of interesting news about the Lightning, but this also makes us curious for more information on Ford's Mustang Mach E. Will these obvious improvements in battery technology soon translate into an even better and faster vehicle? It seems likely based on how modular electric platforms work! We'll just have to wait and see what comes next as it potentially could lead anywhere from really great cars.