The New Ford Bronco Raptor Has More Power Under The Hood Than Expected

NK May 05 2022


Ford is becoming somewhat of a trendsetter when it comes to publishing output figures, only for them to be exceeded by their production model. Not so long ago, Ford F-150 pleasantly surprised car enthusiasts by getting a tangible increase in power, and now its little brother is following in its footsteps. The Upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor has been revealed and it's generating a lot more power than expected! The 3.0-liter twin turbos are currently targeted for 400 hp, but we're seeing 452 HP on average in testing with an impressive 580 lb.-ft torque rating as well to round out this bad boy into what you'll want if driving off-road or hauling whatever might come your way thanks to its bedside door abilities (and plenty room interior wise).

Ford CEO Jim Farley took to Twitter earlier this week and announced that the company's target for Bronco Raptor was an Ultra4 racing-inspired vehicle built with high-speed off-roading capabilities. The initial 400 horsepower has been beaten by 418 HP + 440 lb-ft torque from their performance team! Congratulations on taking Built Wild one step closer to new heights.


The new Bronco Raptor is now a step closer to rival off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 and Land Rover Defender V8. With 18 hp more than expected from its twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, this latest news puts it slightly ahead in performance compared with those vehicles which feature two additional cylinders but come at higher price points.


The Bronco Raptor's fuel economy ratings were recently announced, and they came in lower than one may expect. Ford is clearly working to ensure that the hype surrounding this hotly-anticipated vehicle doesn't die off just yet - as an indication of their commitment to maintaining interest for fans who want a tough truck with sports car performance capabilities at affordable prices (especially considering how much cheaper it will be when compared against other vehicles), news about its output gaining arrived only days later!

The new numbers show 15mpg city/highway which is terrible compared to average crossovers at 19 combined mpg! With these abysmal figures in mind I'm sure everyone can agree this just isn’t fair...especially considering how much more expensive fuels are nowadays.

With the new Bronco Raptor, you'll be able to get that high-performance off-road experience without any of those pesky fuel costs. The vehicle's predicted lower annual expenses and improved power output make it more than just compelling - they're downright amazing!

The Bronco Raptor has been announced and it's a game-changer for off-road SUVs. Not only will these vehicles be more powerful than any other on the market, but their fuel costs are predicted to stay low year round! This means that if you're looking at buying one of those expensive crossovers from Jeep or Land Rover--you might want to think again because your money could go much further with this all-singing dancing bronco crew right here.