The New Fastest EV In North America Is Here, And It's The Lucid Air GT Performance

VD April 04 2022

Lucid Motors has been around for a little while now, but it's only recently shown what its true potential is. The battery pack on this vehicle provides an amazing charge and the performance of any electric car can be witnessed in real life as Porsche found out when they tested out one coming from the Lucid's Dream Edition Performance series. As you might expect with such limited availability (only 520 units), getting your hands upon one isn't quite so easy anymore - until now! As such, Lucid’s newest model provides an even greater opportunity: 1125 HP! Lucid's latest performance model is a Grand Touring car with 1,050 hp. It slots in between the base model and Dream Edition for those looking to have an incredible experience without paying through the nose!

Lucid Motors is known for its high-end, luxury vehicles. The Lucid's new electric car takes this trend one step further with its performance-oriented design and sleek exterior finish--all at an unbeatable price point! With cutting-edge technology like autopilot integration or wireless charging capabilities available on all models; you won't have to worry about getting stranded when out exploring the town in style." This fantastic vehicle is said to be "the most powerful currently available" in North America. The dual-motor Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance has 520 units spoken for and can do 0 - 60 mph within 2 seconds, making it one fast vehicle!

"We're excited to offer this new, high-performance model of the Lucid Air," said company CEO Peter Rawlinson. "The remarkable speed with which we can create and bring it into production is only possible because of our close partnership arrangement within vertically integrated supply chains."

What do you get when the world's premier electric luxury car brand offering America’s longest-range vehicle meets their most advanced driver assistance system? The answer is Lucid Motors' Air Grand Touring Performance. This new addition to our lineup offers an incredible 516 miles of the journey on one charge! Not only will this luxurious ride take care of all your transportation needs, but it'll also make sure that every mile feels like pure bliss with its surround sound speakers and high-end features such as heated seats which are massaging while delivering soft-close doors for convenience at any time during travel (or even just sitting still). The fastest charge time for this model is a whopping 21 minutes, but it can be topped off with ease using either of two different types of 350 kilowatts DC fast chargers.

The new 21-inch Aero Sport wheels are standard on the Performance too, and color options include Stellar White (a light alloy that's perfect for racing), Infinite Black(the ultimate in luxury), or Cosmos Silver.
I'm sure you've seen it before: The sleek glider with fat tires; widebody kit enhanced by carbon fiber detailing - complete this sharp outfit to be your own master of ceremonies!

Lucid Motors has just announced that deliveries of their new "performance" model will begin in June, but before they happen you need to make a payment. For Americans this means paying an MSRP between $179-10k more than what is offered for those who purchase the Dream Edition Performance version; while Canadians can expect prices starting at CAD$242K without taxes included! Lucid's most advanced electric vehicle isn't cheap by any means but with 819 HP on tap, it'll be worth every penny when paired up against other high-end performance cars like Porsche 911 or Mclaren 720s!