The New BMW iX Comes Out - And It Looks Rich!

VD March 03 2022

The BMW iX is finally coming to America, with the high-performance M60 variant launching early this year. Unfortunately for Americans though getting official pricing and specifications has taken a long time; however last month's leaked order guide seemed pretty accurate as it turned out that info was correct when BMW launched their online configurator on both entry-level xDrive50 model or one of its most powerful models - the 602 horsepower capable "M" Series atop our favorite cars from Germany! You can expect plenty of scope for personalization and a healthy six-figure base asking price with the M60, but what exactly are you getting?

There's an all-new electric vehicle on the market and it is anything but basic. The xDrive50 model carries a base MSRP of $83,200 but we wanted to see just how expensive this new tech can get of us fiddling with its variant M60 which has been priced at $105Knot too shabby! We fiddled with the M60 variant and already have access to non-metallic Alpine White as well as metallic shades like Black Sapphire or Dark Graphite from paying an extra fee ($1 950). Spend another 2k for Storm Bay Metallic which is more expressive in our opinion so that's what we got!

To top off the luxurious feel of this car, you can also order an array of 21- or 22-inch wheels. All larger offerings cost extra though; be sure to check which ones match your preference before ordering because there isn't much flexibility with these choices besides color! The M Aero Bi-color Bronzewheels will require another package so they appear in both patterns - but at least our favorite BMW Individual Titanium Trim Package is only 500 dollars more than what we had originally planned on spending. 

Inside the car, you'll find three different perforated leather options. For just a few hundred dollars more than what is included with your purchase of an XK120 or 1990s-era disorderly tans and brown paint job on any other vehicle in its class (or even some that aren't), I can outfit it for driving pleasure like no other! The most expensive option at $3k - but well worth every penny if this will be my daily driver from now until forevermore...
In addition to being able to choose between real animal hides like Amrido using carbon fiber construction; beautiful tetragonal mesh aluminum alloys which offer incredible strength while remaining lightweight AND robust enough not only to withstand wear. 

With the options we chose, our build came to $ 114,875. This is not bad for a vehicle that has all of these great features!
Bavarian Motors is known for being expensive but this SUV aligns with your budget if you're looking at buying one soon.