The New BMW 7 Series Is Finally Here - And It Knows, How To Impress You

VD April 04 2022


The BMW 7 Series has been a star atop the range for decades. The flagship sedan is one of the top picks among rich people who want an elegant, luxurious car with plenty of features to match their tastes and needs- which means that whenever BMW releases updates on this model they tend to do so in an orderly succession rather than jumbled up mess like most other makers' vehicles tend to get updated with new technology or interior design elements first before anything else happens!

This year, the seventh-generation 7 Series is another big step forward for this popular sedan. There's a new design and interior that BMW calls "Theater Screen." It also happens to be one of their most luxurious models yet with all-electric variants at its top range level!

The i7 xDrive60 is a sleek and powerful all-electric luxury car with a range to take you where your heart wants. With two electric motors that produce 536 HP or more, this high-performance vehicle will be able to power through any terrain! Mentioning its lightweight design with carbon fiber body components helps put things into perspective when you consider how much power this vehicle has underhood! And 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds - is a great sign that this car has an outstanding performance.

BMW is taking a novel approach to the recent trend in car manufacturing and will offer both gas-powered models as well. The 740i comes equipped with 48-volt mild-hybrid technology while its diesel counterpart has a three-liter six-cylinder engine or 4 Ghosts larger V8 that can be coupled up using the xDrive all-wheel-drive system for those who need more power on rough terrains
The 760I also uses a similar Drivetrain but ups its game by adding MORE POWER at your disposal!

The i7 is more powerful than the 740i and has a higher horsepower rating. The 760i does not share these numbers with us, but according to what BMW shared at its launch event for this model year vehicle line-up -which includes both sedans as well sport utility vehicles (SUVs) Tiresias said: "the horsepower counts are the same."


The iconic BMW kidney grille is now even more famous than before, with its surround of lights telling you that an electric engine has started up. The new 7 Series highlights this huge design feature and makes it shine brighter than ever!

BMW's new headlight design is an interesting take on the classic automotive theme. The daytime driving lights are placed between two rings of LED that shine brightly when it comes time to light up your road, while high-beam lamps sit just below them to give drivers enough fade resistance before they turn their beams off again.

The fussy, but sleek lighting cluster is framed by an L-shaped design on the front end. I'm not sure if I like how big BMW's grille has become though - it looks more industrial than before and lacks any elegance or beauty in its shape for that matter - almost as if you could see all of those teeth right through from behind! Yet despite my personal opinions about this change (which are shared among other car enthusiasts), there’s no denying just what a smart decision these updates make when taken altogether: The new face appears much smarter without having lost anything important at first glance. 


The profile of the car is unmistakably BMW and it does feel imposing when you are up close. This should be perfect for scaring poor people off the road ahead!

BMW's latest updates to their car line-up have been met with rave reviews. The most notable change is the slimming down of rear lights, which now come in a triangular pattern along each side instead of on round ones like before! I think it looks much better and more modern, you?

The inside of this luxury hotel is just as impressive, with the usual amenities that you would find in any bougie accommodations.

The large and luxurious seats are perfect for a snug embrace. With the electric adjustment, heating options as well as lumbar support they'll make you feel right at home in your recliner! A massage function is available upon request across all models too so whether it be during or after movie time there's always something to satisfy everyone who sits on these beauties.

When you sit in one of these chairs, the first thing that hits your awareness is how many screens there are.


You’ll be able to see all of your information in a much easier format with this new gauge cluster. It's so intuitive and easy, even if you're not very tech-savvy! The gauge cluster has been replaced by a 12.3-inch display behind the steering wheel and another 14 .9-inch screen sits alongside to control various features inside the cabin.

The new BMW 7 Series has a 31-inch, 8K display that can be fitted into the rear of this car. It's called "Theater Screen" and comes with Amazon Fire TV built-in! Even though it only shows videos from Netflix or YouTube there are soundtracks composed by Hans Zimmer included as well so you'll feel like you are inside an action movie shot on location near Times Square.

The Theater Screen can be further accompanied by 5.5-inch screens in the doors to control entertainment programs, as well as image and volume on vehicles with this installed!

The new 7 Series is one of the most luxurious and advanced series from BMW. It has automatic doors that can be opened or closed using handles, as well as a key fob for those who don't want to get their hands messy with buttons! If you swish down below on these fancy lights installed in each door when they're open...even better!!


The price for the newest 7 Series starts at $93,300 in America and goes up to around 120k if you want an electric version.

What's your style? Do you prefer the comfort of leather or silk seats to get that perfect driving position in any weather condition? Or maybe it’s all about how soft their clothing feels against the skin - BMW has an option for everyone!