The New Alpina B3 Is Better Than The BMW M3 In Almost Every Way

NK May 05 2022


The new 2023 3 Series cars from Alpina will be a sensation. The automaker-owned tuner is known for its luxurious, slightly softer but still fast and stylish rides that deliver exceptional performance when needed most - which means you can bet your bottom dollar these babies lean toward the luxury side of things instead! And just wait until they launch next year with their B3 name—it's going to make everyone think straightaway about how much power these bad boys pack underhood.

These new 2023 models will feature both sedans as well as wagons which have been heavily modified from stock hardware already included in this lineup currently including an 8-cylinder engine option plus plenty more refreshes.

With the B3, Alpina has taken their sporty model and made it even better. Not only does this car have 495hp thanks to its turbos which give you that extra power when needed most but also upgraded handling with 538 lb/ft torque! You can choose from five different driving modes: Comfort+, Comfort mode will keep things mellow while still being able to ride comfortably on bumpy roads; Sport and Sport+ enhance input response for enthusiasts looking forward to milestones such as drift competitions or track days in high-speed territory.


The B3 Saloon and Touring are both fast, practical cars with the look of an exotics Maserati. The 0-62 mph time is just 3.6 seconds for either model so they're quick on their feet! Both can reach 124mph in 12+ second bursts which makes them great luxury options without sacrificing performance or fuel efficiency.

In addition to being highly capable road warriors, they also have characterful engines that sound incredible when accelerating hard through gears while listening to your favorite song.

In the world of cars, Alpina is known for its unique exterior styling and exceptional craftsmanship. The B3 will be no exception to this rule as it features pinstripes all over its body along with trademark wheels that have been seen on many previous models made by BMW themselves or otherwise, referred to too often enough already! It also comes equipped with new aerodynamic disadvantageous traits which make driving much more enjoyable in comparison not only to other vehicles but even your own personal life too if you're looking at how fast traffic moves around town while simultaneously considering what kind of racing stripe would best suit me right now.



The B3 is the most luxurious and expensive model in Alpina's lineup. It isn't cheap though; Australians will have to pay $152K in the Australian dollar, which makes it about 108 thousand dollars here- not including taxes or fees! German buyers can expect a higher price tag as well: 88 600 Euro ($94,602) if they choose an automatic transmission version while only slightly less costly at 93,900 Euros. These prices may seem steep but believe me when I say that no other manufacturer offers such goodies as 20-inch forged alloy wheels coupled with leather seats by Merino.

The Alpina B3 is the only wagon available in this line. Buyers are limited to two choices, with no other wagons for sale and an Audi RS6 Avant as alternative hot-wedge choice or Mercedes-AMG E63 if they can't find anything else that fits their needs more appropriately.