The new 2023 Alpina XB7 Will Impress You Not Only With Its Performance, But Also With Its Unforgettable Appearance

VD April 04 2022

The all-new X7 has been refreshed and is now equipped with its own set of revolutionary looks that will be iconic in the industry. The split headlights are certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but it doesn't matter if you love them or not because this luxury vehicle provides outstanding performance thanks to the M60i version which offers 523 horsepower as well 555 lb-ft torque! So, what if you want more power and luxury? That's where Alpina comes in. The brand has already been acquired by BMW which means we're off to a great start!

BMW has already told us what to expect in terms of performance. First, however- let's focus on the styling! Sighs.. we can only discuss the front end as Alpinhas revealed one image thus far with more sure to follow soon enough - but don't worry because their trademark pencil-thin accent stripes down the shoulder line are still there and so is that sexy fascia restyling lower grille while adding some extra flair from behind where you'll find an intimidating looking spoiler paired nicely next door at your fingertips (or maybe even aspirated by its exhaust). And if you can't tell what I'm talking about in the back, it's because they're trying to stay tight-lipped on this reveal. The car is stunning from every angle. From its sharp edges to warm leather upholstery - there isn't anything about how these vehicles function or look which could be considered simple or boring."

The Alpina X7 is a top-tier version of the already luxury vehicle. It features all sorts of luxuries in its cabin, with special graphics and upholstery options for each type that can be chosen from Lavalina leathers to match your style! The engine bay holds an even more impressive treat underhood - this time around there's no mild hybrid system but rather 613hp 4 Quad Ture engines running through it--and they're coupled together by 59 pound-feet (79 Nm) between them too so you don't have any lag times when accelerating hard into high speeds at 180 mph.

In a few short months, the configurator will be available for all of your convenience needs. This new tool offers detailed information on standard specifications and pricing as well as lets customers place orders ahead of their desired options before they are even manufactured! The best part? You don’t have to wait until December when US-specific models enter production - it starts now by preordering from September through May 2022.