The Mercedes-Benz AMG C-43 Pricing Have Finally Been Announced

NK May 05 2022


Mercedes-AMG has been a household name for years because of its sonorous, large capacity engines. But fans everywhere were crushed when they announced that upcoming models will be powered by smaller four-cylinder motors rather than V6 mills like before! As such the all-new C43 eschews its traditional 6-mill engine in favor of an even more potent 4-pot with 402hp and 369 lb-ft torque thanks to hybridized setup which makes it much meaner than ever.

Mercedes-Benz is finally ready to show off its new cars in Europe. The pricing for the fiery four-cylinders has been announced, giving us a better idea of what we can expect when these arrive over here too! A base price of €71,460 ( $75,600) awaits those who want something sedan while wagons will cost just slightly more at €73,244($77,500). 

The Mercedes W206 AMG C43 is more expensive than its rivals when the European pricing scheme is applied to US models. The 382-hp BMW M340i retails for $54,700 while Audi S4 with 349 HP costs only 51,900 dollars in America! Though this car boasts stronger power figures, its counterparts are quicker on paper at least, so there might be some truth behind those statements after all.

We can't help but feel that this price point is a bit steep for what you're getting. It's likely going to be positioned very closely with the more luxurious AMG E53 which retails at $75k before options, and will probably cost somewhere in between 56-60 thousand dollars depending on where they are located - though we expect local C43 prices won’t match up too closely since it has been mandating by German law so there could potentially even exceed their rivals.


Even without the melodious howl of a V6 engine, we're still excited about this car. The 2-liter turbocharged mill is just too cool and with its nine-speed automatic sending power to all four wheels it'll make for a joyous experience when driving around town or hitting up your favorite speed bumps in search of some fun traffic laws! Mercedes claims that their 0 - 60 time on paper reads 4.6 seconds but if you want more than 150 mph then they've got ya covered--you can increase those limits maximally up to 165 mph.

The C43 is the first car in its segment to utilize a mild-hybrid setup, but it takes charge when you get inside. Thoroughly modern and beautifully styled with high-quality materials that will make any driver jealous of all those other boring cars on road today! The AMG's cabin has been designed from scratch by experts who know how important comfort can be for long trips - so don't worry about getting bored or frustrated because there are plenty of amenities here worth taking time out around town just enjoy.