The KIA Sorento Hybrid Gets More Luxurious And Pumped Up In 2023 - ButIt Has An Inherent Price

NK September 09 2022


Kia has announced that they will be dropping the upgrade requirement for a luxurious SX trim level on their Sorento Hybrids. The new model year vehicles are now available in this top-of-the-line configuration, which was previously reserved only for those who purchased plug-ins or chose extensions with their battery purchase at an additional cost per month.
Kia USA says it's time you could enjoy all these features without paying more!

For the 2023 Kia Sorento, it's not just about getting better fuel efficiency- now you can enjoy luxury amenities like sunroofs and leather seats without paying extra for them.
In previous years of owning our current vehicle (a fully loaded SX Premium), we were required to upgrade if wanted certain features such as navigation or a DVD player; however this year they have been dropped from being an option altogether! What does that mean? Well now anyone looking into purchasing one will find more high-end trim levels available at lower prices than ever before--with plenty left over still available should your budget change mind later down line.

The discontinued base trim S option means that the most affordable Kia models now start at $36590. For those who want all-wheel drive, it will set you back an additional $1295 to complete their purchase!

For the 2023 model year, KIA is adding an extra set of seats and mirrors to their popular vehicle. The eight-way power passenger seat will make it easier for parents who need more room when transporting children or other large passengers in your car; while also providing added comfort on longer journeys where you may be sitting back with time to spare!

But these changes aren't the most important...


The new Sorento Hybrid SX-P offers a range of features for those looking to save gas and maximize their driving experience. Starting at just $42,390 this all-wheel drive model comes standard with an automatic transmission in which you can choose from six speeds depending on your preference!

The SX-P trim unlocks an entirely new level of luxuriousness for the Sorento Hybrid without any added cost. With 17-inch wheels, LED fog lights, and a smart tailgate among other features that are included in this version you'll have a hard time finding yourself with anything less than complete satisfaction when driving around town or on your daily commute!


The Sorento Hybrid can be bought with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and is powered by a 1.6L four-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor producing 227 horsepower for fuel efficiency up to 39/35/37mpg city /highway/mixed.
The powerplant delivers 258 lb-ft torque.

The Kia Sorento was one of the first compact SUVs to offer an all-electric version, and now they're taking it even further. After recently losing its tax credit for electric vehicles, however; this might not be such a smart move as there are more expensive options out on market without any benefits from gas engine credits or rebates anymore! The 2023 model starts at $49890 - which is 31% higher than before because you don't get those perks anymore when buying them together with their hybrid siblings (which still come in cheaper).

The Sorento Hybrid may be more expensive for 2023, but South Korea is working hard to restore its tax credits. Unless Kia can quickly shift PHEV production back home and make up lost ground in America with an all-new factory line set up solely around this vehicle type--which would likely lead them out produce other brands as well considering how much Americans love their Hybrids!--they'll never return any time soon! The standard models seem like a better option right now given what you need from your family car: still enough space inside (even if there aren't quite so many amenities), good gas mileage both on paper AND during everyday driving conditions.