The Hyundai Venue Receives A Third Row Of Seats, A New Name And Goes To Conquer The South African Market

VD March 03 2022

The small, affordable crossovers are popular around the world. They're so good that Hyundai is expanding its lineup in South Africa with a new three-row Grand Creta! The seven-seat compact crossover rides on top of an identical platform to many other models like Venues which you can find here at your local car dealership or online retailer today too - but only if they have them available for shipment from abroad because not everyone gets their hands on these things before then. 

Hyundai's new Grand Creta is a family vehicle with the space to accommodate your groceries, tools of the trade, and even some extra guests. The K2 platform underpinning this large SUV increases its length by 15 mm (0.59 inches) as well increasing wheelbase which gives you more comfortable rides in town or on longer journeys thanks especially when carrying passengers who weigh over 150 pounds each! The Grand Creta offers 6.3 cubic feet (180 cubic liters) of cargo space behind the third row, which grows to a gargantuan 58.9 cubic feet (1,670 cubic liters) with all the seats down. There are 6 speakers built into every trim level so the sound will always fill up those hollow doors whether playing music from USB sticks loaded onto CD players inside dashboard-mounted interfaces. 

The new Hyundai Grand Creta offers a choice of two powertrains: a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 156 horsepower (117 kilowatts) and 140 pound-feet (191 Newton-meters) of torque and a 1.5 turbodiesel engine, which is capable not only for quick acceleration but also fuel efficiency thanks to its relatively low emissions output compared with other engines in this class! The six-speed manual transmission comes as standard equipment on lower-trim levels while an auto version can be optioned onto higher ones where it makes sense due to either handling concerns or responsive driving habits desired by buyers who require greater nuance from their cars' transmissions at all times during everyday use - especially when challenging road conditions. 

The Grand Creta will be available in two trim levels - Executive and Elite. Both are well-appointed, with a good list of standard kits; such as wireless phone charging, an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system (included), rearview camera & Apple Carplay/Android Auto connectivity! On the outside, it has LED headlights along 17-inch rims which make this car perfect for those who want style on their wheels too.

The Elite model of the Gramotic Grand Greta is more luxurious and offers larger, 18-inch wheels and a push-button start the Elite also features a panoramic sunroof as well as parking sensors. One of its neatest features is that it has fold-down trays for second-row passengers which can be pushed out from underneath when you need them most! It's not just about style either; this vehicle comes with all sorts of goodies including a 10-inch digital instrument cluster screen - perfect if your eyesight isn't what used to because now there'll always be an easier way to know how fast things are going so long without having trouble seeing oncoming traffic ahead at night time thanks again technology. 

The car's suspension system is designed to handle both snow and sand with ease, while an eco mode allows the driver more control over their gas consumption. There are five drive modes that you can choose from - Snow Mode for when it’s cold outside or Mud & Sand Simulation setting so your vehicle knows how difficult terrain may be on its tires without guessing, Eco + Sport can be a great offer both for a daily ride or some challenging situations when you need to push every horse from your vehicle out. 

The introduction of the Hyundai Grand Creta in South Africa is a reminder that while Americans may be more likely to buy trucks or cars with four doors, there are many markets where this isn't an option. The three-row variant could soon become available here though - so watch out!