The Ford Mustang Continues To Lead The Sports Car Segment

VD April 04 2022

How can you not love a car that has become an American icon? The Ford Mustang is 58 years old this Sunday, and it's hard to believe how much success the motor vehicle has had since its release. Not content with just being popular among Americans - or even global citizens for all we know!-the famous 'pony car' classification was born when these fast little vehicles first started selling like hotcakes in 1964. 

The Mustang has been the world's best-selling sports car for seven years running, and this year it tops again. Ford must be happy with its global audience because Chevrolet Canada doesn't sell any Camaros or Challengers/Charger twins across borders while they're available here in America though somehow our 'Stang managed to beat out every other vehicle on sale from Japan all way down through Mexico - even beating out some very well known competitors like Nissan’s 370Z!

Mustang lovers around the world are still buying them like crazy, but American Mustang sales have seen some major decreases. In 2021 alone Ford's data shows that 76% of all Mustangs sold were within our own country while global customer retail orders increased by about twice as much! New Zealanders, in particular, saw their 54-percent jump come from strong demand for both new and used cars alike; South Korean drivers bought 16 percent more brand totaled than last year at this time--and Brazilians enjoyed an impressive 37%, almost unheard of growth rate considering they make up just 6%.

The feeling of open road and freedom is something that can't be matched by any other car. This iconic American muscle car has been on top sales charts for seven years running due to its excellent performance, incredible design features like powertrains, and even community support!

The Ford Mustang is a go-to for any car enthusiast, and the current lineup has something to offer everyone. There are five different editions of this popular vehicle: Coupe; Convertible (including GT); Mach 1 with its powerful yet luxurious feel thanks in part to an upgraded engine that delivers better gas mileage than before at 30 miles per gallon on average! And then there's ... the Shelby500 Heritage Edition which includes special detailing like Wilwood brakes upgrade as well black chrome grille trim around scent dispensers - all while keeping the true vintage style intact by featuring bucket seats without armrests or center console storage space.

The Ford vehicle line is getting ready for the new model year with some exciting color options. The most popular of these, and one that will be available on all models except performance tuning versions like in this example here or Shelby GT500s (for which they're exclusively offered), includes Grabber Blue Metallic as well as Atlas Gray/ Dark Matter Black Pearl combination-- both great choices if you want your car to stand out! There's also Eruption Green; Cyber Orange Tri-Coat... And Mischievous Purple if we've ever seen it done properly. 

The Mustang has been selling in record numbers, despite its continuing production setbacks due to the semiconductor chip shortage. It remains unclear whether Ford will be able to retain its title as America's number one muscle car producer for another year though things are looking good with this 'Stang leading American demand right now!