The Ford F-150 Lightning Will Turn Out Better Than It Was Designed, Gaining Dozens Of Extra Miles Of Range

VD March 03 2022

The Ford F-150 Lightning is finally here, and it’s better than expected! The new EV version of this popular truck will now go 320 miles on one charge. The truck's range increased from 300 to 320 miles - as much as 20 more miles than the manufacturer originally claimed! That means you can take your commute again with just enough power for an extra trip back home during those long days at work when nothing else goes right - because who hasn't been there? This all comes thanks in large part due to its impressive battery life which allows drivers more flexibility while still getting reliable performances every time they need their vehicle. 

The theme of this article is Mondays, and it doesn’t seem to stop at just one day. As you can see in the beginning when I mentioned that there were some exceptions for certain trims on a Ford F-150 Lightning truck equipped with extended range batteries; customers who pay $10K or more will receive an extra 20 miles out of their battery!

With a range of 230 miles, the Lightning truck is one of Ford’s most fuel-efficient vehicles. However, with an additional 90 mile limit for those who have purchased their vehicle equipped with extended-range batteries, there are some sacrificed features and capabilities when compared against other trucks in this category such as pricing or capability on hillsides. The Platinum trim level does offer up 300 miles worth though which makes it well suited to those looking forward plans far into the future despite current limitations.

The 20 bonus miles from the EPA estimate are worth a small but notable increase in your car's fuel efficiency. The XLT or Lariat models will buy you that extra trip home from work without worrying if you will have enough charge, so go ahead and get one!

Ford’s electric truck beats out its competitors with an impressive range of 320 miles. The Rivian R1T only has 314 mi per EPA regulations, but it still leaves six fewer real-world test kilometers than what Ford offers! And at this early stage in the segment's development - even single digits are considered a win for them nonetheless.