The Chip Shortage Will Hurt The Ford Bronco

VD April 04 2022

The shortage of semiconductors has caused automakers to cut corners where they can, but some features are more valuable than others. For instance, heated seats may seem like a staple for any car owner's needs.  Other times its features are of little consequence such as built-in GPS navigation but still disappointing when you know how much effort went into developing them! The new 2022 model year Ford Broncos will reportedly ditch both these items according to an article published Monday morning by CNET news. 

Ford Authority tells us that the production of the 2022 Ford Broncos is still underway, but they plan on nixing navigation from vehicles manufactured after May 2nd. Maybe with an appropriate cost adjustment?

What is chip shortage and why is it so painful for almost every automaker?

The car chip shortage is a global automotive semiconductor crisis caused by the unprecedented demand for electronic vehicles (EVs), which has led to a severe shortage of chips needed to build them. The ongoing pandemic has exacerbated the situation as factories have been forced to close or operate at reduced capacity, leading to a shortfall in production.

This has caused a domino effect throughout the automotive supply chain, with suppliers of various components being forced to ration production or raise prices due to the lack of chips. This has in turn led to automakers delaying or canceling production of new vehicles, as well as halting production of existing models.

The chip shortage is expected to last until at least the end of 2022, and potentially longer, as the automotive industry struggles to catch up with the soaring demand for EVs. In the meantime, consumers can expect to see higher prices and longer waiting periods for new vehicles.

What will the Ford Bronco lose because of the chip shortage?

The 2022 Bronco lineup is getting a lot less luxurious. Starting with Job 2 production, all models built on or after May 2nd will not have an option for factory navigation systems and it's only available as part of extras like mid package options at 222A equipment group (Big Bend) or high-end packages such as 333/334 physical modifications from Outer Banks & Wildarth trim levels-- but there are still some low-cost base versions without any frills!


Unfortunately, it looks like Ford Authority was right when they said that the navigation won’t be able to just go back in once the supplier gets a hold of parts. It's frustrating because you might have been relying on your phone for directions and now there will never be an update from them again!

The Ford Authority reports that their post has sparked a heated debate in the automotive community over Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some customers are reporting an omission from this year’s model, which they feel is unfair because it includes navigation apps with better performance than what's embedded within most automakers' infotainment systems--and at no cost to them! While others defend paying $695 for three years of access vs having full functionality via sync connections or removable devices like smartphones (which can also be used as maps).

The fact that Ford offers some goodies with its navigation system compared to Google Maps might make it more appealing. For instance, breadcrumbs allow you to observe your path up until now and then retrace it back on track; this could be helpful when off-roading but is $700 worth of features? GPS has been an easy utility for carmakers since they all do provide them as pillars in their wider range of services which is why there’s not any reason why these companies can't offer subscribership opportunities through different channels like online purchasing or mobile payments too!

What consequences for the Ford Bronco to expect because of the chip shortage?

So what does this mean for the future of your 2022 Ford Bronco? It turns out that while they were built without navigation, there is no way to install or update one now because all vehicles after May will lack a dealership option for chip installation. However! As other car companies are doing something about their shortage by either temporarily deleting electronics from cars entirely (like Toyota), adding more fuel-efficient features like height assistance courses which help drivers avoid accidents when lanes get too narrow--or even just installing temporary systems until supply resumes –we may see some creativity here at Fords end.

This could mean that your beloved Ford Bronco, which was just released this year, might not have some of the features you were looking forward to. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Ford finds a way to get around this and keep everyone happy, but in the meantime, we'll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments.