The Chinese Brother Of The Ford Bronco. Well, Or At Least A Very Similar On

VD March 03 2022

BAIC is a Chinese automaker that has been expanding its reach in the international market. It still specializes in budget hatchbacks and SUVs, but now there's talk of adding higher-end models to its lineup! These sketches show off some luxurious-looking cars with Mercedes parts which will likely attract buyers from across Asia Pacific regions as well European countries like Germany or England who want something more premium than what other brands offer at similar prices point-blank.

The B60V will be the new entry-level offering from this company and it's not really their flagship model. It'll take over for an old favorite in BJ80, which happens to look just like one of those German cars people love so much (the G-Class). From what we've heard so far--and these are early claims!--their tanky truck might even give Ford some serious competition! In countries where they sell locally made models such as South Africa or Argentina, expect them to go head-on with WMW Tank 500s when comes down to pricing points. 

The new B60V will be a tough and versatile vehicle that can take you off the beaten path or onto it with ease. With its boxy body, RICrail frame construction for increased durability in challenging terrain conditions like mountain roads, front & rear independent suspension to provide a balance between comfort levels while tackling difficult terrains without compromising capability - this car has everything one could need when traveling internationally!

The new BAIC B60V will be available with three powertrains that adhere to the current Euro 6 legislation. This includes a base turbocharged 2 liters four-cylinder gasoline unit, an option for a 48-volt mild-hybrid motor or pure Diesel fuel bask as well! There's even more exciting news - this amazing vehicle can also come equipped either in its standard form or one engine type but have different options depending on how you want it driven. 

All possible engines are paired with an eight-speed torque-converter automatic transmission that will provide the perfect balance between fuel efficiency and performance.

The B60V's cabin is set to be comfortably appointed with a multi-function steering wheel, LCD digital instrument cluster, and a prominent floating touchscreen infotainment system. The rear seats will also fold completely flat for increased functionality on longer journeys - making this vehicle perfect for everyday use!

The suspense is killing us! No one really knows when China's Bronco will be revealed but it seems like BAIC has its sights set on introducing an extension for this gas model in order to give its total range. They're hoping that by doing so, they can get away with only offering 621 miles of juice instead of China's extremely conservative consumption testing methods which would make them less competitive against other brands who offer more than double at least.