Tesla Is Once Again Recalling Nearly 600,000 Vehicles Over Its Pedestrian Warning System

VD April 04 2022

Tesla is still servicing old models with recall issues, but it seems like the company's newest vehicle might be in for a bit more work than its predecessors. Federal regulators have notified Tesla that their Boombox sound effect feature does not meet safety standards and can alert pedestrians instead of warning them about an approaching car -which could lead to confusion on foot or result in injury if someone doesn't notice until too late! And that's why Tesla is recalling 594,717 vehicles. Again.

This year, Tesla is once again subject to federal safety regulations after receiving multiple complaints from drivers about their vehicle's loud horn. The company has recalled 578607 model years across all four of its models due to the "BoomBox" sound effect featured on these cars which might block Pedestrian Warning System alarms and prevent them from hearing nearby pedestrians when driving past them at speeds over thirty miles per hour (48 kilometers).

The electric vehicle industry is constantly striving to make its cars as quiet and smooth-moving as possible. This includes requiring them, when traveling at low speeds (like around town), to produce noises called “growl modes" so they can't sneak up on pedestrians or cyclists who might find themselves getting hit by mistake if these settings aren’t disabled beforehand! Tesla has come out with an over-the-air fix that will disable Boomboxes in Drive/ Neutral positions while also shutting down Sound Modulation during Smart Summoning mode use. The car is being recalled because it's too loud? Who knew making your vehicle louder would be such an issue!

Tesla has announced a fix for their cars that was not satisfactory. The new recall includes the same models from 2020-2022 Model S, X, and Y vehicles as well as select 2017 - 2022 model 3 EVs. Tesla has announced that they are going to release a new software update for their vehicles to fix an issue with the boombox feature. This will require no costs or inconveniences on behalf of current owners as it only affects certain models owned by them which have been recalled before 2017 when Smart Summon was released by Tesla.

This recall is safe for everyone! No crashes or injuries have been reported in connection with the voluntary action.