Subaru Faces Serious Production Delays Due To Chip Shortage

VD April 04 2022

It's no wonder that we're all feeling a little overwhelmed. With global warming, economic recessions, and breakdowns of celebrities like Britney Spears - who could have seen this coming? The motor industry is still recovering from its major shortage of semiconductor chips which has caused backlogs on parts in general.

Just last year, Subaru experienced a shortage of parts that caused them to stop all production. This happened again earlier this year when they had to cancel orders for one of their most popular models due to an ingredient shortage - even though it's done so successfully in years past! Now we learn about another suspension on what seems like becoming too often: car lovers won't be able to get their hands around new Subaru vehicles anytime soon as well because the Japan-based automaker has announced plans to reduce output by 30%.

The Japanese manufacturer announced that it would be halting manufacturing at most of its major plants in the country. The statement simply reads "Subaru Corporation will temporarily suspend production due to interruptions in supply for certain parts, operations are currently halted across three different facilities: Gunma Manufacturing Plant, Yajima plant, Oizumi engine, and transmission plant."

The plants will only be closed for two days this month, but even a short delay like that can cause millions in lost profits and start a domino effect that leads to longer delays down the line.

Last year, the Yajima plant faced a shutdown after running out of semiconductor chips. That delay resulted in 10 thousand lost cars for Subaru's Impreza line-up among others - including WRX/STI models! It also comes at what seems like just about every automaker’s worst time: 2021 may have been one where all hopes were thrown into question due to low sales numbers - but luckily we're already seeing some improvement this year thanks largely because people are trading in their old vehicles (and gas prices help too).

Fortunately, with sales of the new BRZ looking good and pre-orders for Subaru's first EV going well it seems that this stoppage won't be too bad. The company does enjoy a very loyal following which means their products are likely to sell themselves so long as people get the word about them before they run out!