Pirelli Developed New All-Season Tires Specifically For The American Market

NK September 09 2022


Pirelli has developed a new tire for America that's unlike any other, and it could be the perfect all-season option. The Weather Active line will become prevalent across our country as Pirelli claims this to be truly an active protection system - able to withstand even wet conditions without becoming slippery or compromising handling!

The Pirelli 'Weather Active' range will soon be prevalent across the USA, as it's claimed to provide true all-season performance unlike any other. The brand makes tires for some of our most sought-after sports cars including 911 GT3 RS which may soon include this new generation Porsche model and continues with cutting-edge technology in car tire manufacturing across different categories from casual use such as summer rain or winter snow however its newest offering is quite distinct due being developed exclusively only designed specifically towards America where conditions can get pretty wild at times especially when hurricanes are happening every year.

Pirelli claims that its new line of tires is better than traditional all-season models and offers outstanding performance in heavy snow as well as warm, dry conditions. The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating (3PMS) means they're great for both wintery weather types like thick slush or deep snows with high levels of ice on them too, as well as for warm and dry conditions!

The Pirelli Tires have revealed a new type of tire that will help improve grip in cold weather. The company says it's developed for North American markets, which means they were tested with everything from Canadian winters to Mexican summers - so you know how variable our climate can be!

Pirelli's all-season tires are quiet and keep road noise to a minimum. The unique tread pattern uses a special siping design that gives it more uniform stiffness, which increases durability as well as overall mileage!design-of-new-pirelli-tires

Virtual simulators were also employed in the design of these rubber bands, allowing for a more precise balance between strength and flexibility. The virtual training sessions allow drivers' skills to improve not just through practice but by testing themselves under real-life conditions with all sorts of obstacles they might come across while on their journey.

Pirelli North America's CEO, Claudio Zanardo said "The introduction of the WeatherActive confirms our strategy to develop more products specifically for American consumers who usually drive in a variety of weather conditions and want peace of mind knowing they can count on just one type of tires."

This magic mix of range and performance in all weather conditions is what American consumers are looking for.

Pirelli will release a new tire this year that can be used on sedans and SUVs. The Cinturato WeatherActive has 16 sizes for the former, or 23 if you want something wider with more clearance in your vehicle's cargo area- perfect! Key fitments include vehicles from BMWs 3 series all way down to Acura RDX models while scorpion versions are designed specifically for light trucks such as GMC YUKON or Audi Q5.


Pirelli teams up with pro athletes to show the power of their tires in harsh weather conditions. The campaign will launch soon on social media, and we can't wait to see what America's first dedicated all-season tire is capable of across this beautiful nation!

You can rest easy knowing that all tires will come with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. This means you'll have many years of reliable service ahead!

Pirelli's all-season tires have the potential to be great, but they'll never provide as good of grip and performance during warmer months. If you need year-round traction though - like those who live in regions where temperatures don't drop below freezing from December until June or July--you might want to try these new Pirelli All-Season tires!