Nissan's Newest Electric Car Will Drive From The North Pole To The South Pole For The First Time In The World

NK June 06 2022


The new Nissan Ariya is being prepared for a very challenging test. The electric crossover will be the first car in the world to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole. This is reported by the press service of Nissan.

The journey will begin in early December from the Norwegian city of Tromso, located north of the Arctic Circle. The Nissan Ariya will travel more than 16 thousand kilometers through the snow and ice of Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Alaska, and Canada. After reaching the shores of Antarctica, the electric crossover will have to pass another test - to overcome a three-kilometer stretch of water separating the two poles.

The main goal of this expedition is to show that an electric car can be used in any climate. “We want to show that our products are suitable for use in any conditions and at any time of the year. This journey is a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of Nissan Ariya in terms of reliability and endurance, ”said Takao Katagiri, head of electric vehicle development at Nissan.

The start of the rally is scheduled for March 2023, and its distance will exceed 27,000 km. The electric car will be driven by the famous British traveler Chris Ramsey. It will not be his first such experience: in 2017, he and his wife drove 16,000 km in 56 days in a Nissan Leaf.

Naturally, the car will be modified for such a difficult marathon. The Nissan Ariya will be tuned by Icelandic atelier Arctic Trucks, known for its extreme off-road vehicles. The electric SUV will get a new suspension, an expanded ground clearance of up to 400 mm, and 37-inch off-road tires. The power reserve of the vehicle will also be increased by fitting it with a larger battery.


The top-of-the-line Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE crossover with permanent all-wheel drive and two engines with a total output of 394 hp is being prepared for the rally. Judging by the first images, the car will get off-road tires, arch extenders, and un, and body protection. The front bumper will be beveled, and ground clearance will be significantly increased to improve flotation. In addition, Ariya's suspension will be strengthened and a roof rack will be added.

The interior of the electric crossover will be equipped with a digital dashboard, a multimedia system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and wireless charging for gadgets. The power reserve of the new Nissan Ariya on a single charge according to WLTP should be up to 600 km.

With these changes, the Nissan Ariya will be able to cope with any terrain and weather conditions. The marathon route includes timed sections on the sand, the tone, and gravel surfaces. In addition, the car will have to overcome water obstacles and ford rivers.

This journey will be the first stage of a large-scale project called Nissan Intelligent Mobility Adventure. As part of this project, the Japanese manufacturer plans to show the capabilities of its electric vehicles in various difficult conditions over the next few years.