New Range Rovers Getting Recalled Due To Seatbelt Issues

VD April 04 2022

The luxurious Range Rover has launched new excellence in the luxury SUV market, with even greater personalization potential. The Sport variant will compete against some of Europe’s finest cars when it goes on sale later this year and offers Von Male Huracan-based power at your fingertips! 15K examples have already been recalled due to issues similar to those experienced by their predecessors - but don't worry because you can rest easy knowing that each one was built right here under British supervision coming soon after entry-level exemptions begin next month so there's plenty time left before they're all gone.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is warning Range Rover owners to be on guard. The car's seat belt emergency locking retractors could have serious defects that could cause them not to work as expected.  The hard braking before a collision could cause the seat belt emergency locking retractor not to lock properly, which poses an imminent danger during emergencies like crashes or pursuits by law enforcement officials. would make driving an extremely dangerous experience for everyone inside your vehicle - especially if you're alone at night with this problem! 

Range Rovers are some of the most well-known and highly respected vehicles on earth, but it seems that their reputation may have been compromised by a supplier manufacturing issue. 14 thousand models from 2016-to 2017 were affected by this safety recall with 100% being reported as suffering from an alarming defect! 5553 Range Rover's or 9 259 Sport versions built between April 29th, 2016 - and October 17th suffer also need to be fixed immediately due to these severe problems.

If you own one of these vehicles, what should do? As per the report from April 19 onwards and as long as your car was purchased before June 3rd (or if it's an individual purchase), then Land Rover retailers will replace any faulty components at no cost to owners! Importantly for those who have already paid out-of-pocket due to their vehicle having this problem previously; they're reimbursed subject to terms/conditions.

Just last week, the British luxury car brand was called back to Earth after Porsche's electric wunderkind suffered a recall on their rear seat belts. The NHTSA found that there could be an issue with access for lower anchors near the right rear of the vehicle due in part to how these buckle wiring harnesses were designed- making it difficult when you need them most!
In both cases though - we can rest easy knowing these problems will hopefully get resolved quickly so our favorite cars don't lose any more value because someone failed.