New Information About The Acura Integra That May Interest You

NK October 10 2021

A top-down shot of the new Integra's six-speed manual transmission

Is Legendary Acura Integra Back?

The new Integra is coming back to America and there’s one thing we can be sure of: it has a manual transmission. Acura released very little information about the car, but what they did say left us with some hope- their signature spirit will live on through this generation's model just as much as before!

A few days ago an official from Japan announced that he would like his company's vehicles to have something other than automatic transmissions because "manuals are fun."

Rumors of the new Integra have been circulating for some time now, and it appears that this will be Acura's competitor to Honda’s Civic Type R. That doesn't mean there isn't still plenty to like about any leaks or purported previews out in public.

How Will Fully Renewed Acura Integra Look Like?

After all "leaked" images turned out not to depict anything close to what was expected by those who saw them as truth (ILX), we're prepared with our guard up just yet until these official teasers drop!

A shadowy image of the new Integra's rear end That’s a bummer. I know that Acura is working on releasing more information, but honestly, it looks like we won't be getting anything soon enough for our liking? At best this means waiting until 2022 at least!

The new Integra will most likely have its slot in 2021 if things stay on track with previous years' release cycles...but there's always the chance of them being earlier or later than planned depending on production numbers so don't count out seeing one made just yet either way.

Acura is giving us an early taste of what we can expect from its next-generation Integra, and it looks like there will be some big changes.

Not only does the new model promise all-wheel drive availability (just in case you find yourself on a slippery icy road), but also manual transmission compatibility! With these features plus more likely enhancements such as better performance or luxury appointments, I think Acura has something special up its sleeves for 2022 that could revolutionize this segment once again while still appealing to current Accord owners looking to switch sides.


Friends don’t let friends buy FWD cars.  Hard pass on that alone, regardless of what transmission is in it.
nitrousbird / 2021-10-20 06:50:24

Tell me you’ve never driven a [Integra / CRX / Mini Cooper (new or classic) / Civic Si / Prelude / Celica / (early-90s) Lotus Elan / etc.] without telling me you’ve never driven a [Integra / CRX / Mini Cooper (new or classic) / Civic Si / Prelude / Celica / (early-90s) Lotus Elan / etc.]
z2221344 / 2021-10-28 06:44:11

Owned a CRX Si for a couple of years (back in the 90's) and have driven a couple other cars on that list. Sorry, I can tell every time the weight balance is wrong, torque steer (on cars that made any kind of power at least), understeer, etc.  Much prefer RWD and AWD cars.
nitrousbird / 2021-10-31 23:16:56

A completely restored 91 MR2 Turbo, an Audi S3 Sportback, a Zero SR/S, and a Macan S, if you’re asking. More than enough fun for me across those options, along with a mid engine rear wheel drive toy as well as a front wheel drive toy. Nothing wrong with a Corvette, it’s just very...of a certain type of person. Usually the type of person that makes declarations like “friends don’t let friends drive FWD”, when in reality FWD cars are plenty fun and plenty powerful.
itsyourboyhobbes / 2021-11-04 20:46:02

The majority of the cars I have owned have been FWD. I am not gonna say I prefer them, I just could not afford a good RWD car in either gas or price. The three RWD cars I drove prior to last year were a 1984 Mustang LX, a 1992 Ford Aerostar and a 2000 Izusu Trooper. None of them were anything to tell mom about. I now own a 2017 Focus ST (254 HP). No torque steer in that, no matter how hard I push the go-fast. It is nimble and quick. I also own a 2020 Mustang HiPo. Fun to drive, and it shits and gits. I drive the ST in sport mode and the HiPo in track mode. While the HiPo accelerates much better and handles well due to the Magnaride, the ST is more nimble by a long shot.Of course, I don’t chase 1/4 mile times as I much prefer road racing to drag racing so YMMV. 
gp2112 / 2021-11-09 13:56:02

You’re certainly allowed to have your preferences - but writing off a car for other simply because it’s FWD is silly. There are plenty of exceptionally fun and capable performance cars that drive the front wheels. Many of which I’d take in a heart beat over other RWD performance cars.  
z2221344 / 2021-11-14 02:09:37

Disagree. I’ve dd’d and tracked all types of drivetrain configurations over the years. Have had FWD cars I’ve enjoyed more than RWD cars, and vice versa. All can be fun, and these days all can perform pretty damn good depending on what you want to do with them. The Type R and GTI Clubsport lap times around the Nurburgring speak for themselves. In the end, its preference. I was definitely a RWD fanboy for a period in my 20s when I thought I was too cool to go back to a FWD car, but I’ve learned both can be so awesome in their own ways. In my experience the “WrONg WhEEl dRiVE” comments come from pretty lame and/or inexperienced car enthusiasts. 
deronibones / 2021-11-16 18:07:57

It’s funny that as the years have gone on, I too have some light FWD cars from my younger days that have moved up my all time rankings of cars I’ve driven. Had some good friends with swapped CRXs and EG Civics in the late 90s/2000s and those things were just so wild yet composed.
deronibones / 2021-11-21 11:17:32

I think it’s because cars now are huge and they are heavy. A friend of mine in the early 2010s built an EG Civic with a K20A and the thing was just ridiculous because it felt faster than anything I’ve ever driven. It was so light, and so quick in braking and acceleration, and so easy (seeming, I didn’t do this part) to trail brake that it just didn’t ever feel like it lost anything from being fwd. It was an absolute joy to drive. The RSX was a car I loved, but maybe 80% of it was that six speed, which might have been the best manual Honda ever made.... 
Kerberos824 / 2021-11-25 23:31:30

Wow... So I have owned a few Corvettes (heavily modified), a few camaro, raced dirt track, done multiple 24 hour races on road courses (VIR in an LS swapped Camaro was fun), etc. While I love me a RWD monster V8, I can also appreciate a good FWD car. I currently do autocross on a national level, and run the Fiesta ST. Fantastic car. Driving half way across the country with 8 tires/wheels plus gear in it, while getting 35mpg is a real bonus. This last weekend, I not only got top pax over everything from Mustangs (GT350/Mach 1), a bunch of Porsches etc, I was 4th in raw time as well. So my “never let a friend drive a FWD car” beat out a lot of expensive RWD iron. Just because something is different, doesnt mean its bad.
bldled / 2021-11-30 01:56:06

you’re not wrong... After driving a rwd coupe for the past 8 years, I can’t bring myself to buy anything fwd again.... Would literally only do it if I was in the market for a gas sipping daily. fwd will never be better than rwd, I don’t care what type of transmission or gizmos and gadgets they work into the tuning or drivetrain. It will never handle like a rwd car.
dajerk / 2021-12-04 09:15:03

I so want this to be good.Realistically, it will be too much $ for what you get. Maybe the new Integra will be a more luxurious Civic Type RSo a base price of $45k or more? smh
medjah / 2021-12-07 06:07:52

Acura is discontinuing the ILX, so I assume this will be its replacement at the bottom of the lineup, which means it will probably start around $30k, maybe under. But then it would be at the same price as the Sport Touring Hatchback, the only way to currently get a Civic with a manual. It’s hard to imagine this being priced less the Civic Hatch, although the ILX was priced below a trop trim Civic.So I have no clue what the hierarchy of the Civic/Integra trims is going to be, but it seems like it will be awfully crowded.
tps22az / 2021-12-12 18:57:45

We already know that Acura research marketing was showing off a “car based on a civic” and were asking if the people would pay $33,500 for A-Spec trim of it. That puts it about 1-2k over ILX A-Spec. Base and A-Spec are expected to be based on the new Si. The Type-S are expected to be closer to the Type-R drivetrain. As the CTR is mid 30's, a high 30's low 40's for the Type-S is well in line with that.
dfgsfdgdfgdfg / 2021-12-16 11:32:04

An AWD CTR is exactly what this car should be (at least the performance variant). I’m guessing the base will be more Civic Si. 
golfball / 2021-12-19 23:09:46

I’d love if that happened! I’ve always wanted a Golf R mostly because of the AWD aspect of it but have always been partial to Asian brands so if Acura made something in the same ballpark as that I’d be satisfied. Yes I know not a direct competitor since hatch vs liftback but close enough for me especially since now depending on what it costs I might actually be able to afford one. Haha
outofstep / 2021-12-23 20:38:31

Sadly you’re right, but I feel like it won’t happen - the ideal lineup would be an FWD Type-S that goes against (and undercuts) the GTI, and and AWD (probably SH-AWD, but that works), available manual Type R that does the same to the Golf R. Instant step up in attention for the whole brand if it’s any good, and a solid way to get the performance cred they’ve been seeking to regain for the last 20 years. Even if the Type R is just a CTR in a much, much nicer suit it’s probably a hard pass if it’s FWD only...
deadcruiser27 / 2021-12-27 23:02:35

Hmm.. I hadn’t considered the possibly of different specs being based on totally different drivetrains. Hopefully your prediction will prove accurate, allowing for a more attainable model for folks just looking for a fun, reliable sedan, and a balls-out version for well-heeled enthusiasts.
rustybucket / 2022-01-02 11:52:53

I say that for 3 reasons:1. There is a precedent. Mazda followed the same formula with the 2021 Mazda3. The hatchback variant starts with a 2.0L FWD drivetrain and tops out with a 2.5T and AWD. Ford and VW also followed that formula on the Focus (ST, RS) and Golf (GTI, R).2. Acura’s competitors are increasingly utilizing AWD for their performance models.3. Acura buyers expect more. The new Integra is a sporty, Civic-based model. There are already 2 Civic-sized FWD sporty offerings in the Honda portfolio (Civic Si, Type-R), and presumably a 3rd offering with the Integra base model. It makes sense to throw people a bone and offer a more powerful SH-AWD option, especially since it already exists in the RDX which has a wheelbase within 0.6" of the new Civic.
stephen-macarthur / 2022-01-05 23:31:59

New Acura Integra Will Get A Manual Transmission, Probably Won’t SuckSpoiler: It’ll suckIt’ll suck because no manufacturer can make a car like the original these days. Relatively inexpensive, lightweight, small, fun to drive, etc. Everything is more expensive, so cars have to be far more utilitarian in order to get people to spend money on it. 4 doors? Seriously? Yes, there used to be a weird-looking Integra sedan, but it was pretty terrible. So don’t get your hopes up. It’s going to be a 4 door, 3,000lb+ “sporty” car that comes in close to $40k when all is said and done. Harumph.
kumicho / 2022-01-10 01:55:13

1. We’ve still got the Miata and the Toyabaru BRZ-86, so it is possible to make a good sports car still.2. With a loaded Civic touching $30K, then of course this vehicle will be $40k *especially* if it gets ~300hp 2.0L engine. What’s wrong with that? The 2022 GTI is priced between $30,500 and $39,000 these days. Some stats on the 1997 Integra Type R (taken from Car and Driver):$24K in 1997 is $41K today (last-gen Civic Si is $25K pre-pandemic) 0-60 in 6.6 seconds (l.g. Si does this in 6.3s)195 hp (l.g. Si 205 hp)300ft skidpad: 0.88g (l.g. Si 0.97g — modern rubber FTW)If you want nearly Integra Type R performance for the same $$$ value as the 1990s then buy an Si. Sorry you don’t get 8000RPM engine, though.
randomusername3246 / 2022-01-14 19:05:43

That sounded like a pretty low redline, and if the 5-door configuration and recent spyshots are any indication, it’ll likely just be a reskinned Civic hatchback.
jordmaniac / 2022-01-18 06:43:27

The old integra was also a slightly stretched civic with a hatchback option, so this wouldn’t be too far off. Low redline is probably indicative of some K20C variant under the hood - I don’t think they can make the super high-revving motors anymore for emissions reasons.
bigred91 / 2022-01-21 08:31:39

The old Integras offered a 3-door coupe bodystyle, but this model doesn’t. Assuming drivetrains are also shared, it just seems like a change in sheetmetal for the Civic rather than a revival of the Integra.As for a super high-revving engine, the BRZ/GR 86 have 7500 RPM redlines and are offered at a similar pricepoint to where the Integra should start. I don't see a reason why Acura couldn't do something similar.
jordmaniac / 2022-01-25 10:55:54

Kind of a shame that it looks like it’ll have an electronic parking brake, but that’s the norm nowadays. Otherwise, I’m quite enticed. Here’s hoping it isn’t a letdown.
timtheninja / 2022-01-30 04:04:50

I hate “E”lectronic parking brakes, but lets look on the bright side here: At least all the morans that call the parking brake an “E brake” are no longer 1000% wrong. Now they’re just 51% wrong when saying “E brake”. Side note: sadly an electronic parking brake pretty much guarantees a host of invasive driver aids. No thanks.
terriblegerbil / 2022-02-04 07:05:34

I want this to be good so bad. I was excited for the new WRX until they showed us what it looked like. I was even going to consider getting one if they (for some reason) released a hatch/wagon version. The Integra may take its place for me if it doesn’t get beat with an ugly stick and drives anything like the Civic Type R
wesleycrowbar / 2022-02-07 18:43:59

You and me both on the WRX. I’d have one, body cladding be damned, if it came in a hatch. Given the new GTI interiors look like absolute garbage, the new Integra could be my last hope for something fun and practical with three pedals. Your move, Toyota (looking at you, GR Corolla).
mattnukem / 2022-02-11 21:08:03

If you think about this, this could be their attempt to fill the sales gaps that Honda dealers have been complaining about.With it sounding like it’s got the 2.0 out of the Type R, I suspect this thing will ultimately end up being a tarted up Accord 2.0t that has optional SH-AWD. Dealers have been begging for an AWD Accord to compete with all the other brands getting AWD sedans. Acura has hinted this is their new entry level car, which might be because they kept costs down by sharing parts with the ubiquitous Accord.With the TLX being it’s own platform now and one that’s definitely more luxury car that sporty car and no longer just small step up from the Accord in price, it would make sense. The Integra could be priced like the old TLX: entry model priced on par with a fully loaded Accord. Then you can have an AWD 10-speed auto version for those who wanted an AWD Accord, and a manual version for those that wanted the option to pair the manual to the 2.0, the two groups that Dealers have been complaining about being missed sales.
Anonaguy / 2022-02-15 13:41:29

Just make it a subdued Civic Type R for looks. Thats all I’d want.. .pine for the days of subtle performance image versus beat your face with gills and grills Where the only indication is that it had a subtle wing and a decal...
thegreatwideyonder / 2022-02-20 06:50:51