New Dodges Durango R/T Will Be Offered In Hemi Orange Package

NK May 05 2022


The Durango R/T has been added to Dodge's lineup of vehicles offered with Hemi Orange. It joins the Challenger and Charger - two other models that were already available in this appearance package last year!

The color orange has long been associated with power and performance. The Hemi Orange, which celebrates Dodge's muscle car tradition is a perfect way to show off its newest vehicle - the 3-row SUV powered by a 5th generation V8 engine!

The Hemi Orange color of the Durango R/T is a flashy, yet aggressive color that will turn heads anywhere you go. The stripes on its hood and tail lamps give it an even more distinctive look while 20-inch wheels painted black to add to this vehicles intimidation factor when driving down traffic lights or highways at night
The satin finish for these features combined with a midnight grey paint job creates not only beauty but also power coating them in luxury without letting anyone know what type of vehicle they're looking into buying!


The Hemi Orange is a must-have for any Durango R/T owner. With options of exterior colors, you can personalize your vehicle and make it stand out from the rest! It is available in the next colors: Destroyer Gray, Diamond Black, and Octane Red.

The Hemi Orange pack adds eye-catching orange stitching to all three rows, including the SRT seat upfront and captain's chairs on the second row. The color can also be seen throughout interior surfaces like instrument panels as well as door uppers with armrests; console lids (including those found in trucks), shifter boot area of car trunk/trunk lid--leather flat-bottom steering wheels are also decorated similarly for improved aesthetics!

The Hemi Orange Plus Package is the ultimate expression of power and performance. It includes everything from a sunroof to a 19-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, advanced safety features not even found on most luxury cars - all at your disposal!

The Hemi Orange Tow N Go Package is perfect for those who want to stand out and show off their car. This all-wheel-drive tow package comes with advanced features like 20-inch lights wheels, Brembo brake calipers in orange, and Bilstein high-performance suspension that will handle your vehicle beautifully no matter what kind of roads or trails you take it on - plus additional content too!

The Hemi Orange appearance is a bold and beautiful addition to your vehicle. It's perfect for those who want their car looks as unique as they are! The price tag doesn't hurt either - at only $1,995 you can get this amazing color without having anything else added to your order or expecting an increase in cost.  If you want the optional Plus or Tow N Go packages for an additional cost of $4500 and 5095 respectively then that can be arranged too!