Mercedes-AMG C43 Is Here To Change Your Point Of View On Sedans

VD April 04 2022

The Mercedes-AMG C43 Sedan is the newest addition to their line of sporty, luxury cars. With its hybrid engine and mean attitude, this vehicle will be sure not to disappoint any driver looking for an exciting drive!

The C43 is an elegant car that features some cool advancements. It's powered by the same M139l hand-built engine as its predecessor, but now has an electric exhaust gas turbocharger derived from Formula 1 technology! This boosts power to nearly 400 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque - all going through a nine-speed automatic transmission for a rear-biased 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system.

The AMG C43 will be an excellent competitor in the mid-level sports sedan segment, with its 4.6-second sprint to 60 mph and limited 155mph top speed ( 165 option). It's about time that someone has made this market more competitive! Unlike other cars like Audi S4 or BMW M340i which are slower than they used to but offer better fuel efficiency; The new model from Mercedes comes equipped with standard rear-axle steering alongside impressive performance specs such as carbon fiber body panels &Brembo brakes among others.

The car's wheels are able to articulate in two different directions, which should make it easier for the vehicle to handle and stable at low speeds. However, when going faster than 37 mph or on highways, this limits how much swerve can be done before things start feeling unbalanced.

The rear axles have enough range that they allow you to turn your steering wheel all way round while still maintaining control over direction change with only 1 degree of articulation per tire.

With five different driving modes to choose from, there's an option for every type of driver - - Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual. The AMG DYNAMIC SELECT system allows you to adjust the suspension and steering based on your needs in any situation - whether it be rain or shine!

The C43 is distinguished from lesser models with an AMG grille, sporty air intake, and quad tips on its exhaust. It also features unique front bumpers as well as rear ones that are designed for added performance in response to buyers' needs - whether they want more noise or not!

The stock setup includes pressure-controlled flaps which allow it to produce more sound but those who wish their car sounded better can purchase an AMG Real Performance Sound system by tuning into this special feature offered at no additional cost.

The C43 is a sporty car with four-piston front brakes and 18" wheels. The optional 19- or 20-inch rims add to its appeal, making this vehicle versatile enough for anyone!

The interior of the C-Class looks similar to its standard counterpart but with more sporty seats and accents. The dashboard features an instrument cluster that's identical in size, shape, and functionality as before; however, it now includes 12 inches worth of high-definition displays for everything from navigation assistance all way down to information about tire pressure communicated through Bluetooth technology so you can keep your eyes peeled on road conditions without taking off. 

Mercedes-Benz's new C 43 will be available in late 2022, and it looks like the company is staying true to its price point. The standard model with 255 horsepower ranges from $43-$49K while Pinnacle trim can go up as high as 49500 USD for all-wheel-drive models! With Audi & BMW both starting above 50k we expect that Mercedes themselves won't come any cheaper than this range too which means people who want performance without luxury needs might find what they're looking for here among other things.