Meet The New Smart SUV With Mind-Blowing Features. At Least For A Car In This Class

VD April 04 2022

The 2023 Smart #1 is the fastest and most luxurious SUV to date with a whopping 268 horsepower under its hood! It also has an impressive range for such mobility.

Smart has been teasing the new electric SUV for a while without saying anything substantial about it. That finally changes today, as Smart revealed their first production model at an event in Berlin - "#1".
A few weeks ago we saw some pictures that showed what may be considered an evolution of sorts from last year's offerings; now there are a lot of photos showing us more than just exterior design features but also other details such as interior layout and drivetrain choices which could potentially set this vehicle apart from its predecessor when looking forward.

Sometimes, a company needs to be trendy without telling you they're fashionable.
The Smart #1 or "hashtag 1" as it's known in the Twitter world is meant considerately — not just because of its name but also due to how evocative this term can sometimes feel when using social media today (and let’s face facts—we all do).  I've already gone over why these two things don't always go hand-in handed. However, there have been some changes made since our last article which might make everything clearer than ever before!

Gone are the days when a car company would use cute, cuddly animal faces to represent their brand. The new Smarts is all business and it doesn't have any room for emotion or feelings because this generation needs none of that! In its place comes an EV with some serious looks from Mercedes-Benz after they started using them on their newest fleet vehicles last year - but how will these drivers feel about being branded like one?

The outgoing SUV has hints of its past in a modern design that comes with an interesting new feature. With this floating roof arrangement, you can have your choice between two colors for painting it to match whatever style is desired!

The design of this car is pretty minimalist with a 9.2-inch LCD gauge, 12 8 central tablets, and a 10" head-up display. 
The inside layout leaves no room for clutter as it features an expansive windscreen that can be used effectively due to its minimalistic approach while still providing all necessary information conveniently located right at your fingertips thanks in part to three different screens: one large vertical format screen sitting above the driver's seat; another lower horizontal panel placed just below where he or she would normally look when driving without any distracting distractions allowed between them thus giving you nothing but pure visibility during each minute.

What would you say if I told you that the new Smart Luxury Car has even more space than your favorite luxury car? Well, it's true! The interior of this high-end vehicle is as luxurious and comfortable to sit in as any E Class. And with LED lighting throughout plus all those extra goodies on offer like navigation systems (which are included free), climate control, etc.

All-New Smart is one of the newest examples to enter this market and offers many features that will be sure to please even your most picky customers. The Level 2 driver assist system can automatically adjust high beams or brakes based on what it detects ahead while adaptive cruise control keeps you safe during those long journeys home from work (or wherever). With lane keep assisting included as well an automatic parking feature within reach without taking any eyes off roadways both before reaching traffic jams up north near big city living has never been easier.

The car's safety features are some of the best in its class. It has seven airbags, which provide protection for every passenger and help to diffuse any potential accidents before they happen!

At 14 feet long, the #1 is about as large and powerful as a Smart car that has ever been put into production. It rides on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture which underpins their latest vehicle - Zeekr 001 (the first electric version). This platform will also be used for Lotus Eletre when it arrives soon!

The Smart's 66kWh battery is good for up to 273 miles on the WLPT cycle. Power comes from a single motor driving back wheels making 268 HP and 253 lb-ft torque! The 4,012-pound SUV tops out at 112 mph with this powertrain layout - not bad considering it has enough juice leftover after testing drives through some rough terrains that will be perfect road trips tomorrow morning when we get our act together again before work starts rolling around once more.

You can break out of iced overlock with this clever handle! A perfect gift for anyone who loves the cold or hates getting stuck in their car.

The charger is rapid and can fill the battery in less than 30 minutes. It takes about three hours using 22kW of power, but that's still much faster than waiting for your typical 6-8 hour charge!

The #1 will be coming to production at the end of this year with deliveries beginning in 2023. Smart hasn't announced pricing just yet but it can say that North America is still not on its map! The SUV has been confirmed for Europe and China only though, so if you live here get ready because these new cars might soon become abundant everywhere.