Meet The All-New 2023 Lotus Eletre

VD March 03 2022

When Geely bought Lotus, they promised a new electric SUV to bring more cash into the small niche brand. But one became two and we heard no real details about either until now! The full view of what is next for this iconic car company comes in the form-a a gorgeous all alloy Eletre Crossover that will be coming soon enough so stay tuned if you want an amazing vehicle with innovative technology.

The Eletre seems to be ready for the road, with only a few nitpicks left. Those fancy side cameras will likely need to be replaced by boring old mirrors but other than that it looks like this crossover has seen its last days in jargon!

In contrast to the Urus, which has a very traditional SUV look about it with its pickup bed and boxy proportions, the Eletre takes cues from Lamborghini Huracán Performante for its front end but also combines these features within an all-new design that could be said to being more lots than anything else on display at Geneva just now!

The character line that runs down the side of this car is just behind where you would expect to find a front fender. However, there’s an opening in its place—a track-style vent with what looks like some kind of slot or hatch-like feature at either end which allows air through but not debris? Place your bets now because I think these will be important later! Similar designs encase both sides near rear wheels as well; they do show off one big fat tire from within each hole/slit so take note before moving ahead.

The Eletre has plenty of room for everyone! It features a panoramic sunroof that's standard in China and optional elsewhere. The seats themselves look right at home under the Lotus brand — bolstered, supporting, and thin enough to be comfortable all day long with no pressure on your back or shoulders from heavy headrests
The inside her is beautiful thanks largely due to its four-seats option which includes an expansive view through a curvy glass window onto nature’s green landscape while also being an ability to mix up styles by choosing between two color schemes: black leather + aluminum trimmings. 

This car has an exquisite look that is perfect for anyone who wants to be classy and sleek at the same time. The dash features a narrow digital instrument cluster with an oversized center touchscreen, which can make navigation easy as pie! Plus you'll have all of your controls right there on one screen in front of ya - not cluttered or hidden away somewhere else like so many other cars'. Lotus seems hopeful about their new design -  they're going after those performance/opulence mixers that seem popular these days but we'll see if it works out.

In 2023, the Eletre will be a reality. With "end-to-end autonomy" it means that customers can use their smartphone app to request an autonomous drive from any nearby parking space and then park once it's complete!

The Eletra has a full suite of LIDAR sensors to help it self-park (and unpack). With new capabilities constantly being added, this car will become an autonomous wonder in no time!

The Eletra has been designed to be the perfect mix between performance and practicality. For those times when you need your car for short trips, it is capable of exceeding 600 HP with an incredible power output that will have people guessing how fast this vehicle can go from 0-60 mph! It also only takes 20 minutes on a charger (248 miles) which means there's no risk involved in trying out one if interested - just head over now before they're gone forever. 

The Eletra has been announced and it is not cheap. It's full of tech, but does that come at the expense of performance? We'll have to see when we get our hands on one!
A vehicle such as this could be in position for a halo project—a luxury good with potential mass production capabilities coming out from Lotus Europe alongside two more "lifestyle vehicles" made over there too (Hethel).