Lucid Air Recall Will Affect All Newly Manufactured Cars

NK May 05 2022


Lucid Motors has managed to produce 1,117 vehicles so far. Every single one of those is a Lucid Air as the brand's SUV isn't out yet and every last car contains some sort of recall issue that could cause interior screens to fail entirely - making it impossible for you to drive after this spreading worst-case scenario happens.

Lucid noted in their letter of acknowledgment that they have been aware since roughly April 28th about the issue with affected models. They will be performing a recall on all these vehicles at no cost to you!

Lucid is advising owners of its newest models that they should be on the lookout for fallen wires and exposed electronics. The company's second-ever recall filing states "the center display wiring harness may not have adequate clearance from steering intermediate shaft, which could lead to chafing or loss" if your car was built after May 4th, 2022 when this issue first arose in production lines at their facility near Chicago Illinois but thanks again federal safety regulators who discovered these problems before any injuries occurred!

The Lucid Motors clean point is the first step in bringing your vehicle up to date. Anything before this "clean point" needs some work done, which means it has harnesses that are too long and can cause problems with fitment or safety depending on where they're affixed within a car's cabin.


The cars made after the clean point, however, have new shorter ones that shouldn't create a clearance issue. Thankfully only around 1% of all models in this recall will be affected by it and can easily be repaired, so if you are a lucky owner of a new Lucid Air - you will soon have your car back.

The Lucid Motors filing says that they'll simply have any additional wiring cleared from the steering shaft, and affixed elsewhere. This means no new harness is needed! It's good news given what we know about supplies right now; getting 1 117 of those would be an expense (and hassle) for them as well- but at least with this fix it should only take a few minutes?