Infiniti Plans To Expand Its SUVs Lineup By 2025

VD March 03 2022

The next Infiniti model is coming soon! The automaker has promised their dealers that a new, smaller crossover will arrive by 2025. It's going to be located between the QX50 and QX60 models but uses what they call the "QX60s" platform which means it has two rows of seating instead of three like most other crossovers today (but we're not sure if this one will still offer all-wheel drive).

Infiniti previewed a range of new models, including the brand's first electric vehicle. The latter is said to be built on production lines that have already been established for folding battery subscribers at Nissan's plant in Mississippi - which will hopefully mean lower costs and more timely delivery times than if this were an original design!

The new Infiniti model is a right-sized vehicle for "empty nesters and smaller families" - according to Sam Fiorani, vice president at AutoForecast Solutions. The segment dominated by Lexus RXs or Mercedes-Benz GLEs may soon have an opponent as he believes that there will be significant demand from consumers looking at these cars who are now without kids in school.

In a world where gas-powered cars still rule the road, it's refreshing to see Infiniti committing itself not just financially but also environmentally. The company announced in November 2021 that by 2030 they will sell mostly electric vehicles with plans for at least 10 different models and hopefully more than one kind of power source available on every model! This isn't only good news considering how much pollution comes from combustion engines these days - this is great news because electricity comes without waste or carbon dioxide emissions which means cleaner air all around town (and country)!

However, the future of car manufacturing is not all-electric. What's more, Kargar believes that even by 2030 there will still be a demand for conventionally powered models as people search to find their perfect ride at any cost!

What's the point of having an electric car if you can't even see what kind it is? The Infiniti teaser last year seemed to give a hint by showing off their working tachometer, but this new video takes things one step further and shows us some proof that there may be at least two different types: hybrid or full-fledged EV!

This is an interesting move for Infiniti, considering that most automakers have already pledged a full-on charge to electrification. We'll know more about this in the next few years or so and with their new crossover coming soon too!