In 2023, the Ford Mustang Will Lose Some of its Most Popular Color Schemes

NK October 10 2022


The 6th-generation of the Ford Mustang has been an enormous hit, but it looks like that trend will end with next year's release. The 6th-generation Ford Mustang has been a true classic, but the new 7th-generation Muscle Car will make it seem like an old man in his retirement years. The updated order guide for the 2023 model year has revealed that Ford is simply going to keep selling it as-is, with only three exceptions.

Ford is eliminating the unique Cyber Orange and Brittany Blue Metallic colors on its major models, which includes fastback, convertible, EcoBoost, and GT.

Ford is removing Cyber Orange from its car lineup, which disappoints me because that color was one of Blue Oval's better ones. They axed it for both Maverick and Bronco models in 2023; we'll see if this means any changes coming up with production soon!

Ford's S550 'Stang was supposed to be the final model year of its existence, but it instead turned out as a bit more than that. The launch color for this car was red and golden yellow which also appear on Bronco order books.


In addition to the loss of Cyber Orange, Ford has tossed out a classic Mustang color that dates back many years. Brittany Blue was first offered on Mustangs in early models and has continued throughout various generations since then- including this year's model! It seems like such a shame though because it was bringing back some nostalgia for those who grew up with these cars as kids.


This is a major change for the lineup, as previously reported. The Shelby GT500 won't be sold in the model year 2023 leaving only one most powerful Mustang you can currently buy-the Mach 1 edition of course! When its replacement arrives on dealership lots this will already have been replaced by an even greater force to be reckoned with -The Dark Horse strain from Ford's engineering department comes out swinging hard at full speed ahead.

As the new year approaches, Ford is preparing several special editions and styling packages for its popular Mustang model. The most notable change this time around are those who have been ditched in favor of different colors - including black paint on 19-inch alloy wheels with logo plates identifying it as part of Nite Pony Package trim levels before now officially announcing its existence through images only! 

The car features a new, dark shade of blue on top-of-the-line models. This can be seen in both EcoBoost and GT versions as well as fastback or convertibles bodies styles.

 The 6th iteration of the muscle car was a huge shift for Ford and their iconic model, Mustang. It transformed this vehicle from being just dad's old sporty ride into something that more than one man desired to own- which is how we got our current classic cars today!