Hyundai Introduced The Updated Creta-N - A Sporty, But Affordable Car

NK June 06 2022


With the N-line models, Hyundai has brought performance cars at a reasonable price. For buyers who like sporty flavors but don't need quite so much speed, there are also line versions such as Tucson and Elantra which come with some extra features to make them even more appealing than their non-"N" counterparts - this includes exterior colors too! The newest example is an all-new 2022 Creta whose arrival signals that we'll see more of these types of vehicles coming our way in stateside showrooms soon enough.

The Creta N-Line, also known as the ix25 in China and Cantus down under has been a huge hit with buyers of small cars. This tiny vehicle is similar to our 2022 Hyundai Venue except it's way cooler! The market for this car seems limited only by your location - wherever there are roads that can accommodate its size; narrow or wide-open spaces won't stop you from getting into some fun behind the wheel thanks again to these little guys' versatility when negotiating traffic lights on alternate days.

The Creta is available in both business and sporty flavors with sleek black bumpers, 17-inch wheels (already an N Line touch), and a new front fascia complete with dual exhaust. Other than that it's mostly standard equipment on this trim level--you'll find a parametric jewel pattern grille like what you see across Tuscon models plus some badges telling us which engine powers your ride!

The disappointment with the car's power was not unnoticed. With just 120hp, it can be difficult to manage on crowded city streets or when driving at high speeds in hilly areas where there are plenty of cars around you for the company - but this may also depend upon whether your preference lies towards four wheels rather than two! Buyers can choose from three different engines for the Venue: a 120hp 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, 138 horsepower four-banger with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, or even something more powerful like 200+ HP!


The next-generation Creta will be more luxurious and spacious than its predecessor, with an interior designed to compete against some of the best cars on sale today. The cabin includes black seats that feature N logos as well red stitching; there's even a Sport variant if you're looking for extra performance from your car! Though this isn't necessarily one where we'll fight hard or resist buying but rather enjoy having something new come along once every while. There is also another version called Grand Creta if seven passengers are enough room but we wouldn’t fight hard over one since they seem very similar besides the size difference.