How to wire led light bar to high beam

Vlada April 04 2022

Aftermarket driving lights like spotlights and LED light bars are a great way to improve your driving. They work on every type of vehicle, from trucks and four-wheel drives to sports cars and family sedans. It is the responsibility of the owner of the car to follow state and territory rules and regulations. Driving light bars should only be used for off-road activities. 

If you want to install them, it's not hard to do if you have the right tools. We recommend using a driving light harness, which is easy to use because it plugs into your car's headlight circuit. The kit also includes a master switch so you can turn the light off completely if you want.

Where Can I Mount My LED Light Bar

Almost all states in Australia and New Zealand have laws that say you must have certain lights on your car while driving. These lights must not:

  • Block the driver's view of the road
  • Stick out in a way that could injure someone close to the car
  • Be in a place where they are not allowed by law.

Each state or territory has its own specific laws about additional lighting on cars, including LED light bars. Make sure you check with your local government before installing any extra lights on your car.

How Many LED Light Bars Can I Legally Have?

Vehicles in Australia need to follow Australian Design Rules. If you have a car, then the federal government (the people who make the rules) says that you can put four more driving lights on your car. But some states say that they only let people put two or three lights on their cars. The rules also say how many light bars there can be on a car and if they are switchable or not.

LED bars can be fitted as work lamps in a wide range of combinations and with no legal limitations on number. However, they cannot be wired into the headlights. If used as headlights, they must be used in pairs (on either side of the front of the vehicle), and there are limits on the number of lights that can function at any given time - refer to the NZTA factsheet for more info.

Can You Drive With LED Light Bar On?

You can drive with your LED light bar on when it is connected to the high beam. Check to see if it is okay to do this in your state or territory. But don't drive around with your light bar on all the time. Use your low beams when you are approching other drivers. If you are looking for a suitable light bulb, use the guide at

Can You Use A Light Bar As Headlights?

In some territories, you may use light bars as additional driving lamps. However, it is not legal to use them in place of your car's headlights. You can use LED lights as additional high beam headlights in New Zealand, but they must meet specific requirements set by the NZTA website.

Step 1

You need to put a light on your car. You might want to put it on the front of your car, or in the back. We recommend putting it where people can see it while they are driving at night.

Step 2

If you want to keep your radio station presets and codes, you can connect a memory minder to your car's 12v accessories. If you're doing any more work on your car, be sure to disconnect the negative battery terminal first.

Step 3

Find the place on your car where we will put the fuse. We need to find a place that is not too close to the battery. Then, connect the RED wire from the fuse to the positive side of your battery and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Step 4

You will need to activate your high beam in order to make the light bar turn on. Find the back of your high beam headlight globe on the side closest to the relay, and remove the plug from the globe.

Step 5

There are different types of headlight adaptors in the kit. Choose the one that fits your plug and connect it to the factory plug. The other end goes to your headlight globe, and the third end plugs into your new harness. These plugs will only fit one way.

Step 6 

Now, you need to put the switch in the cab so it is near the driver.

Step 7

The best way to run the plug for the engine is to go through an accessible grommet in the firewall. You can do this by making a hole in the grommet or by poking through it with a sharp object. Taking care not to damage any wires when making the hole. It might be better to make the hole underneath if possible, so it looks nicer and water doesn't get into the cabin. 

Make sure there is a drip loop in the cable so water doesn't get into the cabin and most importantly, seal up the hole with sealant. Taping the plug to a long piece of fencing wire will help it through any tight places.

Step 8

You will need to connect this plug to the one that comes off the relay.

Step 9

Now you need to connect the plugs for your light bar. The single plug goes to the relay, and the ring terminal on this end needs to be connected to something metal. This could be a bolt that is attached to the battery, or to bare metal on the car's body.

Step 10

Now, you only need to plug in one light bar. If you want to use more lights, then you can tape the other plug up so it will not get in your way, or if you want to use spotlights then connect one plug to each light.

Step 11

Now you are ready to finish. Reconnect the negative terminal to your battery, and put the switch for your new lights in the "on" position. Turn on your headlights.

Step 12

You should not turn on the light bar until you turn on the high beam. With both lights on, put the switch in the “off” position.

Step 13

If your light bar switches off and your high beams remain on, you have wired in an LED light bar.