How to find the bulb size for my car?

Vlada April 04 2022

If you want to replace the factory halogen lamp in your car with LEDs, you will need to know the bulb size. Different vehicles have different lights, so you will need a different bulb for each one. There are driving lights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, reverse light, marker lights and interior light - just to name a few!

To find the bulb size for your car, there are several different methods that you can try. The first is to check your vehicle manual. This will typically include a list of all the light bulbs in your car and their corresponding sizes. Another option is to search online for your vehicle bulb size. This should bring up a list of resources that will help you identify the bulb size for your car.

If you still have trouble finding the correct bulb size, there are several online tools and apps that can help. One such tool is a light bulb finder app, which lets you scan your vehicle's license plate to quickly identify the right bulb size.

Check your vehicle's assembly

If you have a car with special features on the headlights, like a black background or smoke tinted lenses, you'll need to find the right bulb size using the manual or website for the aftermarket assembly. Look for a section on advanced lighting elements like halo, projector, or colored LED light strips. This will help you identify the right bulb size for your car.

Referring to vehicle owner’s manual

There are a few different ways to find out the bulb size for your car. You can contact your vehicle manufacturer, look in your vehicle owner's manual, or check out the catalog to find the "Bulb Replacement" item and relevant page number. Once you have that information, you can look up your bulb number to find the right replacement.

Whether you need to replace a headlight, turn signal, or brake light, finding the correct bulb size can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there are several methods you can use to find the right bulb for your vehicle.

One of the easiest ways is to simply contact your vehicle manufacturer and ask them for the bulb size that fits your car. You can also look in your vehicle owner’s manual, which should have a section on bulb replacement that lists the different types of bulbs used in each light fixture.

Previous Bulbs

If your old bulb is still functional, it will hold the information you need. If it hasn't been used and time has worn away its contents, a previous bulb will also contain the data you're searching for. Even on everyday household bulbs, the size and color information may be rubbed off over time, rendering the light useless in the end.

Bulb Finder

If you're sure it's not an aftermarket assembly, but rather the original equipment maker and model your car, you may use an online bulb finder. An online bulb finder will assist you in narrowing down the size of the bulb needed as well as the different types that are available. Because there are several variations of headlights available, ranging from halogen to HID (high intensity discharge) and even LED, it's important to know how to find the bulb size for your car before making a purchase.