Honda Odyssey Sport Is Already Here To Shake Up Your Understanding Of Dull Family Minivans

NK May 05 2022


Honda is giving its best-selling Odyssey a sporty makeover for the 2023 model year with all-new Sport trim. This means that for once in its history and due to customer demand on how they want their sensible minivan to look aesthetically speaking at least!

The Japanese automaker says this was actually quite difficult since it had been offering just one option before now which came standard by default--the Vanilla class (which isn't really visible). But thanks very much guys - we appreciate your passion.

The Sport model is a step up from the mid-spec EXL and touring models. It features gloss black exterior trim around its headlights, grille door mirrors (and) B pillar; as well C Pillar with dark tinted tails lights that are linked together by an elegant tailgate garnish made of similar material on all four corners making it stand apart beautifully among other cars in this class. A sleek-looking vehicle built for those who want more than just comfort but also style without compromising power inside their car!

The new trim will be available in a range of colors, including Crystal Black Pearl and Platinum White. For those who want an even more exclusive look, there's also Sonic Gray Pearl finish on offer! 

Step inside the luxurious interior of your new car and you'll be greeted by an assortment of racy-looking touches. The front two rows enjoy black leather upholstery with red contrast stitching, while those in the back have more mundane-looking clothes but still get occasional glimpses when lights from behind highlight them during nighttime driving sessions! There are also special additions such as a fiery hue coming out from under hooded seats which give this momentary feeling that is perfect for getting excited about purchasing such expensive equipment.

The Honda Odyssey is a great choice for families looking to get from point A (their home)to B(something else). It may not be on top of everyone's list, but there are plenty who will argue that it has everything you need in an SUV - especially with all these new features! With power-adjustable front seats and nifty tech like lane guidance systems...we think this vehicle might just become even more popular than before.


The Honda Odyssey has a spacious, comfortable, and practical family-hauling vehicle that will make any parent happy to know their child is safe with all of these features. 
The Magic Slide seating system makes it easy for adults in the second-row seats (or third) who have been seated too long without getting up themselves; they can simply fold down flat against their seatbacks when not needed--reducing cargo area occupants at nearly half! This means more living space available right where you need them most: behind driver & passenger accommodations.

The new Honda Odyssey has been given an exciting update, with help from its Sport nomenclature. The 3.5-liter V6 engine produces 280 horsepower and sends power through a 10-speed automatic transmission for added efficiency in gear changes - this is something we haven't seen before but it's not our first time seeing someone try to make the sensible Odyssey more engaging!