Here's What We Know About The New Bentley Mulliner GT: The Most Powerful And Most Luxurious Of The Continental Lineup

NK June 06 2022


Bentley has been in full swing this month. Not long after lifting the lid on their new and improved Continental GT S ( pictured below), they revealed another sporting variant - the Flying Spur S - at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for all our anticipation! This addition will be joined by a more luxurious-looking Mulliner version which seems set to make its public debut soon too; we can't wait until then so keep your eyes peeled because these cars are bound to come out guns blazing.

The big luxury bruiser can reach a maximum speed of 208 mph. The 6.0-liter twin-turbo engine, which does duty in the GT Speed also motivates this pinnacle of all things, Bentley, with lofty performance figures such as 650 horsepower and 664 lb-ft torque - making for an impressively quick 0 to 60 time that rests at just 3,5 seconds!

The Continental GT is a luxurious car with an emphasis on luxury. The Mulliner division of Bentley has taken opulence to new heights, and they don't seem like they'll be slowing down anytime soon!

From the front, it's difficult to tell whether this car has any differences at all from its lesser siblings. The Continental GT Mulliner has a powerful presence on the road, with its grand 'Double Diamond' matrix grille and subtle badging. It also features front fender vents that wear an elegant patterned design which can be seen up close or far away thanks to this car's high polish exterior finish!

The Mulliner Blackline Specification offers a range of stylish and luxurious details to make your limousine look like royalty. You can choose from two different finishes, including bright chrome or gloss black - each comes with its own special touches like bespoke mirror caps (available in satin silver or black), classy puddle lamps for the doorsills that feature illuminated logos on them — there's really no wrong choice when it comes down right here!

The Bentley Mulliner is the latest addition to an already exquisite line-up. The unique design features a subtle black finish with 22 inch wheels that are sure keep your vehicle looking sharp no matter where you go!


As you open the heavy doors to your luxurious cabin, a sense of elegance fills every inch. A Mulliner Driving Specification has introduced an all-new interior quilting pattern that is not only beautiful but made with premium materials for longer wear and tear resistance - "Diamond in Diamond." The Bentley company says each diamond contains 712 individual stitches; together they form nearly 400,000 stitching points altogether!

The attention to detail is endless with this car. From the embroidered Mulliner logos on your seat belts, floor mats made from micro-piping in matching colors as well a head rest trimming and leather lining for those who go ahead and choose glass roofs - there's no wrong option when it comes down to choosing what you want!

The luxurious cabin of this car is a sight to behold. With its flawless Grand Black walnut veneer inlays and well-crafted diamond milled technical finish, it's no wonder that the interior has been blessed with an elegant design! The Breitling clock on display throughout may be one thing you notice first but don't forget about all 88 additional options which can also be found here including concave dashboards or wireless charging pads for your phone!


Like a fine watch, the Mulliner timepiece is made to be noticed. It features an elegant design with luxurious premium leather seats and trimming that provides users plenty of options when they purchase this luxury vehicle
The digital instrumentation receives its own special touch thanks in part by skeuomorphic styling which replicates high-class finishes found on vintage watches like Breitling’s iconic Airman series. This makes sure customers can enjoy their experience knowing they aren't just getting any old car but rather one tailored specifically towards them!

Though the endless options for upholstery colors and stitching allow Continental GT Mulliner buyers to create their perfect car interior, a three-way color split gives them an opportunity of specialty. A new primary hide paired with one secondary shade each in two different patterns results in eight unique blends that set this variant apart even more so than before!

The all-new Continental GT Mulliner will make its debut at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, where it takes over from an outgoing model as the top dog in Bentley's hierarchy. This powerful and luxurious brute has been upgraded with active air suspension (with adaptive damping) which makes for a smooth ride on even roads or twisty mountain passes alike - but don't worry if you find yourself driving through town instead! A V8-powered version is also available should your taste run more towards engine power than driver comfort.