Here Are All Of The 2022 Toyota Tundra's Giant Grilles

NK October 10 2021


If I could give Toyota one word of advice, it would be "don't". With pickups being the focal point for most people in America and trucks have been around forever as a genre now becoming saturated with competitors who make similar products but offer better features (think about how many variations there can be on just interior materials), this might seem like an obvious statement.

But if we're being honest here - it's not!

The Toyota Tundra is a huge, productive pickup truck that is so beloved by users around the world. They are loved for their power, their reliability, their long service life, and also for the fact that they are able to cope with any task entrusted to them. However, there is something that many big pickup truck lovers have a hard time with - the Toyota Tundra's grille design.Society is divided into two camps - some defend the new design, consider it progressive, and believe that this change is a few steps ahead of current fashion. Others, on the contrary, declare that it looks ridiculous or absurd. One thing is certain - the design of the Toyota Tundra grille will not leave anyone indifferent. And we offer you to get acquainted with this design and decide for yourself - do you like it or disgust

Why Do People Find Toyota Tundra Grilles Ugly?

The evolution of Toyota Tundra grilles means more creative freedom for designers and engineers. A new truck can have a different face depending on how much you spend, from finishes like satin black or high gloss chrome to exclusive designs that would be difficult in other applications such as the mud runner version with performance-inspired features.

A trend we've seen over time has been differentiation based on your trim package choice - from luxury models sporting luxuriously soft leather seats down low where they feel good against one’s thighs.

All the way through economy size options so barebones even our most budget-conscious buyers won't feel left out!

The new Tundra is a great place to find all kinds of interesting mug designs. For example, look at this Limited edition grille!

First Toyota Tundra Grille Design


Second Toyota Tundra Grille Design

The Toyota Tundra is the most traditional or boring truck on the market? They haven't even really begun yet! The next grille in line looks complicated with its simple bars and geometric shapes: 2022-toyota-tundra-grille-design

There are a lot of shapes going on here, some that don’t really work together. I think they had to make aesthetic choices and not worry too much about how it looked from our perspective because this Tundra is definitely meant for guys who want their trucks look tough enough already without any fancy design tricks up its sleeve.

Third Toyota Tundra Grille Design

Toyota clearly wants to make it difficult for people not want their TRD Pro model. The grille swaps out the logo and replaces it with Toyota badging underlined by an integrated LED lightbar, making this more appropriate than any other car maker's version of "tough" marketing strategy.

2022-toyota-tundra-grille-design I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the new Tundra grille. It's so sophisticated and elegant! The final part of their top-of-the line Platinum edition - it looks like metal with intricate apertures that stop just short to trigger my trypophobia (I hate things in patterns).

Forth Toyota Tundra Grille Design

But even though there are these weird gaps between each little hole staring at me all day long? Yeah...I still can’t help but find beauty in them somehow. 2022-toyota-tundra-grille-design Your car’s rearview mirror will be dominated by these grilles once you buy a small hatchback, and they are especially popular with people who sit six feet lower than most other drivers. I would tell everyone to study them closely because we're going to become real familiar with this design soon enough!


I like it. But I also love the Lexus grill which makes me odd man out here.
jbodybuilder / 2021-10-06 11:46:09

It’s not like buyers have an alternative to flock to. Most people aren’t able to swear off new trucks altogether in protest, so they end up buying the damn thing in spite of its ugliness.Or they just have no taste.  Popular =/= good.
garland137 / 2021-10-16 22:51:05

Correlation is not causation. You’d have to isolate for the effect of the larger grills (design) to determine if that is the reason people are buying more trucks; I suspect increased truck sales has more to do with increased capabilities, increased comfort/luxury, and the arms race of ever larger vehicles on the road. The design, while important, is but one factor that contributes to the purchase decision.
featherlite / 2021-10-25 06:14:22

Square wheel arches, bulky cladding, headlights that go up and over the fenders....Are we sure this isnt a gm product in disguise?All I see is cadillac headlights on a silverado.How does toyota expect anyone to park one of these? That hood goes forever and those corners are exaggerated. Is the tundra gonna become the camry dent meme?
adamfragoules / 2021-10-31 09:55:24

How does toyota expect anyone to park one of these? That hood goes forever and those corners are exaggerated. covered this part: The new Tundra also come with several new camera angles—available in a full 360-degree view—to make towing and parking easier, plus there’s even a rearview mirror camera available. The available 14-inch touchscreen unlocks a few more views, namely Multi-Terrain Monitor and Panoramic View Monitor, the latter of which is a full top-down view of the truck, good for lining up trailers or checking on cargo. Multi-Terrain Monitor comes on the TRD Pro trim and TRD Off-Road package, which adds a button to bring up front-, side- and rear-views of the truck on the display to more easily navigate obstacles.Basically what other large vehicles are slowly moving towards; camera-assisted parking.
genericfan / 2021-11-05 22:51:24

I don’t know about that.  I’ve seen some Silverado grills that definitely look better than some others.  This Toyota looks like it only looked at the Silverado for inspiration because it was then the newest and ugliest front.  They should’ve looked at the GMC counterpart that actually makes the truck look acceptable; or perhaps they should have looked at Ford or Ram, or even Nissan for a much better look.  This has a face that only Chevrolet or Toyota would accept, let alone love.
frankfolk / 2021-11-11 11:47:06

You kid, but I feel like I have this conversation with myself when 90% of new car models come out:Tahoe Guy: The last model looked better than this. Tahoe Guy’s Subconscious: Be careful, you don’t want to be one of those “the old one was better” hipsters. It might be contrarianism. Tahoe Guy’s Inner Contrarian: I’m pretty sure I’d be doing my job if I told you the new one looks better. Tahoe guy: Are you? Tahoe Guy’s Inner Contrarian: No, I can’t even fake it. The new one looks like shit.
tahoe-guy / 2021-11-18 06:14:45

Man, I can’t wait to see that bright-ass LED bar on the TRD Pro model right in the rear-view of my mid-sized SUV. Because every single one of those is going to be lifted 4 inches, and that bar will be turned up to the max at all times.
justanotherburneraccount2222 / 2021-11-23 19:09:33

I feel like none of those get the crazy treatment like Jeeps and the big 3 typically do. It seems mostly like 2-3 inches and some tacky XD wheels... or roof tents and tacky add-ons. Even then, it feels like people mostly like to cosplay with the SR5s.
comtndrvr / 2021-12-01 11:47:05

Not sure where you’re located, but here in the Denver suburbs, I see it all the time. 4 Tundras on my street, 2 are TRD Pro, and one is lifted to fit 37s. I’ve also seen a couple others around, the worst offenders of the brodozer look add the 20x10 XD black wheels with 35 inch tires.
justanotherburneraccount2222 / 2021-12-05 04:23:11

Definitely. Anywhere that doesn’t have oversized garages makes it a more difficult proposition. There are quite a few jacked up 3/4 ton trucks around here that don’t even fit in their garages, which says a lot about the clientele.
justanotherburneraccount2222 / 2021-12-11 15:28:18

It’s a lot more of the fake-overland style than the bling style. Less 20 inch rims, more 40 inch tires. I also think the ratio of trucks that are compensating for something vs. ones used for work leans towards the latter more than the Big 3
tahoe-guy / 2021-12-17 11:46:22

I am so over this look for trucks.
the-easter-bunny / 2021-12-25 19:09:12

I think you need a larger typeface for RAM to keep up with their ugly as sin tailgate....
andy-sue28 / 2021-12-31 22:51:32

Adam saw somebody use the word “trypophobia” when commenting on his TVR article earlier today. I feel like he learned a new word and just had to figure out some way to use it today.
radbarchetta / 2022-01-05 21:00:07

I did that twice in my life, on the days that I learned the words “epitome ” and “juxtapose” back in 2002. Eighth grade was a good year. Is it weird that I can specifically recall those days? 
pmb2012 / 2022-01-11 02:32:51

Giant grilles and hulking hoods combined with teeny-tiny beds on these crew cab monsters kill me. Like buying a Sixties muscle car and finding a Chevy Vega 4-banger under the hood—a truly worthless combination.
the1969dodgechargerguy / 2022-01-17 13:37:40

Do you even bro-dozer, bruh? :)Yeah, this current styling in trucks is posing bullshit.
mooseheadu / 2022-01-23 17:18:59

Oh my god who cares.Is this what automotive enthusiasm has turned into?  Having “The View” style arguments over the stylistic choices of things?  Get fucked. 
fitz-matush / 2022-02-01 00:41:42

Feel it. FEEL IT! LOL.No, you cannot seperate the two nor does anyone have two. Looks like shit? I’ll just go look at the 150 other choices. Poor performance and utility? Same. New or used, I WILL find what I want.Consumers don’t have to accept even the littlest bit of shit. That many do means they are fucking morons.
mooseheadu / 2022-02-05 00:42:07

I never thought I’d say, “The new Silverado looks better.”
finalformminivan / 2022-02-11 04:23:20

Yea there was supposed to be more to my comment,but then I got lazy and just clicked publish. I think Ford does it best for looks “tough” without screaming it in your face. And Ram looks good, it’ll age better for sure than the Chevy and Toyota. Forgot to post the GMC and Nissan but I don’t remember those being as monstrous as the Tundra and Silverado.
finalformminivan / 2022-02-17 00:41:47

The chrome one, both the most and less offensive of them all. Offensive because it was people with poor taste bait since 1990. Good because its atleast going for *something* other than 404: grill not found. 
xt6wagon / 2022-02-25 00:41:25

“Hey everyone - we can make an over-sized truck also! It has a huge, garish grill and a gargantuan nose just like Ford/GMC! It will run over everything with equal impunity like those other trucks! It even has plastic cladding over the wheels that’s all the rage! Give us a try - we’ll help you feel more masculine even while driving a vehicle from Japan that won’t fall apart in side of 3 years!”
kazarsoze / 2022-03-01 08:04:55

As with most - no make that all - new trucks today the styling is overwrought and pathetic. At least it is toned down a little from the fucking ugly grogans that Toyota has been churning out the past 10 years.
mjrosenfeld57 / 2022-03-07 19:09:56

We’ve spent the last like 5 or more years complaining about these grilles, yet they continue making them. Which must mean that the general public likes them? Which makes me even angrier.
ottothecroatiankid / 2022-03-13 22:50:47