Here Are 2023 Acura Integra New Features That May Interest You

NK May 05 2022


The first parts information bulletin and 18-step quality inspection checklist for the Acura Integra have just been sent to dealers.

The information we have about this new car is limited, but there are some interesting details in the documents. The most notable thing that stands out to us so far would have been its lack of mention of anything called "Type S".

This guide is a fantastic way to learn about the ins and outs of your Acura Integra, but it might be more exciting knowing that you don't have an embedded navigation system. The 18th step mentions how one can view maps on their smartphone through Apple Carplay or Android Auto if they're connected via USB cable. Kinda cool right?

The integration of smartphones and in-car navigation systems has made them largely irrelevant. We've argued before that this is due to the semiconductor chip shortage, not any issues with third-party apps; however both factors are likely playing a role so far! The smartphone has replaced in-car navigation as we know it. The integration of third-party apps and an ever-increasing demand for data makes the use of a hands-free device necessary, not just convenient but also safe from phone theft!


The Acura website's configurator is a basic tool for those who want to customize their car, but it lacks many colors and customization options. There are only four exterior shades available on the platform - Majestic Black Pearl (which looks like an off-black), Liquid Carbon Metallic (a darker shade of gray) Apex Blue Pearl & Platinum White pearls which can be found inside different models from this automaker as well – leaving customers feeling frustrated when they try adding something more than just black or blue interior paint jobs onto these vehicles

The first part bulletin also mentions Lunar Silver Metallic and Performance Red Pearl. These colors will likely only be available later in the year if not early next year but production began earlier this month!

Integra has been designed to cater to every active lifestyle. With a range of accessories, it's the perfect car grow-up machine! The list includes roof racks that can hold surfboards or paddleboards as well bike frame mounts. So you don't have any excuse when road biking on your own time - Integras will do everything but drive themselves while these are attached anyway thanks in part to their impressive driving dynamics and wide stance tires which make cornering easy even if roads get slippery due plaster surfaces becoming hydroplaned bearings at times too fast.



We can't help but notice the discrepancy between what's written in this part bulletin and on their website. It seems like there would be at least one 19-inch wheel option, considering how popular those shiny black diamond cuts have become lately!
One thing is certain though: all three models come standard with 18-inch wheels instead of ones that are retractable or otherwise changeable.

You can spice up your Integra with a wealth of styling kits. The base and A-Spec models come standard in Sport Black, which includes a rear diffuser, side underbody spoiler plus gloss black emblems front and back--plus silver valve stem caps to really make it stand out!

The A-Spec and A-Spec Tech packages provide a variety of modifications to turn your car into something that's both sleek, but also fast. With two options available -Carbon Fiber or going more futuristic with some gloss black emblems on it - you can find the perfect styling for yourself!

Integra's battle against the Jetta GLI and Honda Civic Si will be much more interesting now that we know there are actually customizable options for it in this new configurator. This should serve as an excellent way to make sure all customers can appreciate their car without having any regrets about what they didn't do with it!