Hamann Has A Hand In Another Car - This Time It's A BMW Z4

NK September 09 2022


Whether you love or hate the Z4's looks, there is no denying that this car has some serious performance. The BMW packs a powerful engine and sharp handling into an affordable package for those who want to get their hands on some high-end driving fun without breaking out all your money! Aftermarket tuners seem more inclined towards making subtle changes rather than drastic ones, which can be seen with Hamann Motorsport’s recent upgrades in honor of Roadster Day today."

Hamann's modifications to the Z4 are not subtle. They've taken elements from aftermarket tuners and applied them directly into their vehicle, making it one of a kind in every sense possible!
The Hamann Motorsports' recent changes were designed with two things - style points awarded or GT3 racing monsters equipped- yet still deliver an unexpected edge that will have everyone looking twice before they notice what you've done now, isn't it?

Hamann has left the traditional carbon fiber in favor of a modern take on the early 2000s tuning upgrades. The tuner offers color-matched spoilers at the front end, which give us an eye-catching look while still being subtle enough not to be too distracting from other features like side skirts or diffuser trimming - surprising! There are also badges provided so onlookers know who's responsible for these nice changes without having any doubt ever again thanks to Hamann’s creativity when it comes down to implementing newer styles into classic designs.


The changes are more than just cosmetic, as this BMW has been lowered by 20 millimeters in front and 15 mm at the rear for a sporty look. Naturally, it deserves new wheels to match its Anniversary Evo units available with either silver or black details on them; Hammann offers 10 different size combinations including 21-inch Challenge disks that can be customized in Graphite Grey (for those who want an even cleaner appearance), Matte Black finish if choosing something darker is what strikes your fancy best -or maybe Hyper Silver would suit you better!

This car is perfect for those who love the feeling of luxury without having to spend shed-loads. The Hamann badges and floor mats will make your ride even more special, while also giving it an edge in style over other cars on road! Pricing has not yet been released but we predict that this package won't be too pricey given how popular these types of modifications can get with people looking at their personalized vehicles
The steering wheel gets replaced by one from BMW which features a roundel replacement as well; however, you may choose either silver or black options when purchasing puddle lights fitted under doors alongside logos projected onto floors during nighttime drives making every trip seem like something unique.


hamann-logos-on-paddlesHamann has not touched the engine or fiddled with the car's performance in any way, save for lowering springs and new wheels. That is a real shame because the M40i version of Z4 is powered by the same sort of B58 mill found within GR Supra which produces 382 horsepower as standard while still being enough power to get the most job done but untapped potential can be seen from time to see if one great tuner takes it further using more extreme aesthetic upgrades alongside increased performance.