GMC Surprises Us Again By Raising Prices On Yukon Models

VD April 04 2022

The GMC Yukon is getting more expensive. The 2022 model year has been marked by a 15% price increase for all trim levels, with the largest gaps in pricing exposed. The truck is around 15 inches longer than the standard model and now costs more at all trim levels - including AT4 or AT 4 XL models that were previously cheaper options before this latest change took effect last month. 

Thankfully, the jump is rather small. Think of this more as a market price correction than GMC looking for more cash from its buyers! At most $600 will be added to what you pay at purchase or lease length; but still not too bad considering that's only about a 20% increase in cost over an 8-year term (which isn't really anything!). Those leasing should barely notice any change either - after all, it only adds another hundred bucks onto their monthly payment split between two loans instead of one big fat mortgage like I would've thought.

The price of the base model GMC Yukon has gone up by $400. Next, we have SLT which is priced equally to its predecessor at 300 dollars more than before; then comes AT4 with a rise similar in nature but less steep compared to last year's model - it restrooms just under $600. Finally, there are Denali models that increase even further: roughly $800 above what they cost now (a very bearable premium).

The only thing that changes the price of your new Yukon is what you choose to spec it with. The engine and trim level will remain constant, so don't worry about having one type or another - they're all great!

The GMC 5.3L V8 engine is now $400 more expensive than it was before! This doesn't seem fair considering all of these other prices That are raised on us too without any warning or anything, but I guess we can't really blame them since they're just following suit with what everybody else does in this economy right?

We've seen prices go up before, and it's not just us- you can blame inflation for these increases! It seems as if there has been a shortage of semiconductors which is slowing business down even more than usual. Hopefully, things will level out soon so we don't see further hikes in the future.