GMC Pauses Pre-Orders For Hummer EV Due To High Demand

NK September 09 2022


The latest addition to the ever-growing SUV family, GMC's Hummer EV has proven popular among buyers so far. With 90 thousand reservations and almost 99% converting into sales for this green vehicle with high-tech features that class up its predecessor—the old model should be banished straight away! The new version isn't just different than before; it also offers more power output (upholding corporate claims), better performance on electric motor shafts or gas engines depending upon customer preference plus much lower emissions without any loss in fuel efficiency either which makes them perfect if you want something eco friendly but still needs your vehicle light enough not spare able too take advantage off occasional tough terrains like mountainsides

Unfortunately, though there are some issues: they're only able to make these cars slowly enough because as soon as someone reserves one (or more) then all other buyers get put on waiting lists which has led them into a bit of trouble since many would rather buy their dream car right away instead of later down the line when supplies might run low again or become even more complex than ever find another place within reach where you live if your preferred model isn’t available yet!. 

The Hummer EV is a popular choice among consumers, but it looks like General Motors might need some time to figure out its next move. GMC has now officially halted reservations for the Hummer EV until it can devise a strategy to regulate demand.

With demand for the Hummer EV remaining sky-high, despite a significant price increase back in July and GMC simply cannot keep up. In their statement, Mikhael Farah said that "the massive number of reservations has led to over 90 thousand pickup trucks as well SUVs being fully booked at this time." The number of reservations for the new SUV and truck are split evenly between those manufactured at Factory Zero in Detroit.


The Hummer EV has been a huge hit with consumers, and the first edition of this model quickly sold out. Prices started at $105K for early birds before increasing to reflect ongoing demand; there are still 90 thousand people on waiting lists as we speak! "We've been building them daily from Factory Zero," said CEO Jim Farah--so keep your eyes peeled when they reopen those order banks again soon enough: there will be more to come".

GMC is selling the most expensive version of its trucks with prices starting at $84,650 for an edition 1 and going up to over 104 thousand dollars for a top-of-line model. This seems like too much money when some people may not even receive their vehicle until early 2024 which will cause them great inconvenience while they wait if it's on long waiting lists or available now instead because there are other options out now that would work just as good without being so costly such as Ford F150s who have average price points around 80k.