Do You Believe That BMW M5 Can Be Even Faster?

VD May 05 2022


The M5 is one of the most powerful cars on sale, but sometimes you just need more. We don't think 600hp is enough, do you? The German tuning house Manhart has polishing up its skills and is ready to add some bling with a new set of customized options for the M5. With prices starting at $97K they're not gonna be able to stand still while this baby drives by!

The Manhart MH5 800 Black Edition is a mouthful of power that'll probably hit 60 faster than you can say its name. The benchmark for true speed has been set by this car before, with an M5 CS turned into a one-off 777hp monster in the GTR model from earlier ones ago! This time around though there are no slowing things down; 815 hp and 759 lb-ft torque mean any track will be nothing but dinner bowls under your wheels as long as they have some rubber left behind them after pullulating through each curve at top RPMs all day.


The Manhart MH5 Black Edition was built to go fast and stop absolutely nowhere. The tuning company's latest edition of this high output vehicle has no problem exceeding even the most demanding Performance BMW X5 M ever created by equipping it with two turbos, upgrades throughout including carbon airbox gearbox ECU software Healmics intercooler exhaust system which ends in stainless steel tailpipes indeed making sure every inch is tailored towards generating maximum power upon arrival while also maintaining efficiency on long-distance drives. The car sounds like an angry dragonfly when accelerating hard through town or down country roads.

The almost Alpina-esque wheels are a set of Hammann Anniversary EVO Black Line, measuring 9x21 in front and 10.5x21 rear with some Pilot Sport 4 S tires for grip given the torque monster nature that is this vehicle's engine bay! Suspension wise there isn't much changed from before as well; H&R lowering springs keep things planted while the new setup helps manage how hard you can push on those turns without worry about traction loss due to increased control sensitivity at higher speeds or when cornering fast - it really does make driving an absolute dream now.


The Manhart Black Edition is a crowd favorite among those who prefer their cars to stand out. With custom badging and an eye-catching logo, this model stands apart from its counterparts in more subtle ways than others can hope for!

We're not sure if you'll be able to tell the difference, but Manhart has applied a new carbon splitter and spoiler on their car. The exterior is just as impressive with all-new materials that carry through into everything from door trim pieces down at your feet right up top where there's now an extra layer of material protecting against dings in traffic flow or other obstacles alike! And since this was designed by those who know what they are doing when it comes specifically.


The MH5 is a car that has a presence. The exterior of this vehicle doesn't drastically alter its outward appearance, but with the exception of hood scoops it maintains most other features from base model cars such as a gloss black paint job and 19-inch wheels which can be optioned onto yours at no extra cost! You'll pay $16602 if you want all these upgrades plus faster acceleration times - isn’t exactly expensive considering what's included in the full Black Edition package.