Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra Factory Suspends Production Of New Cars In Indiana Because Of Chip Shortage

VD March 03 2022

The recent global chip shortage is beginning to take its toll on various industries, the automotive sector included. General Motors' Fort Wayne assembly plant will be idling production for two weeks starting next week because they can't get enough parts made - specifically, those that makeup Chevy Silverado 1500s or GMC Sierra 1500 trucks - just two weeks of downtime for this facility starting April 4th!

The semiconductor industry is always in a state of uncertainty and unpredictability. However, it seems that there have been some improvements to their supply base over recent months which will help them continue working with suppliers moving forward as they mitigate potential issues from before when things were much more difficult for all parties involved. 

GM's production downtime for its full-size trucks last happened in August. This showed an improvement over the semiconductor issue, which according to them has become better during this time frame of January through March but with current events continuing at a high level plus a shortage still looming it doesn't seem like there will be any relief anytime soon. 

Reuters added that GM CEO Mary Barra has met with some lawmakers, including Republican Senator Todd Young of Indiana. This meeting came about after a bill in Congress aims to subsidies up to $52 billion for the production of semiconductors which should help solve ongoing chip shortages among vehicle manufacturers here in America. 

The auto industry has been in crisis mode for months now as a result of the global chip shortage. The problems have impacted production at several major manufacturers, including Volvo who had to adjust their goal this year due in part to these issues! Toyota even pausing vehicle deliveries because they can't produce enough cars while still meeting demand- which is why you may notice fewer new models on dealership lots right now.