Chevrolet Bolt EV Is Now The Cheapest Electric Car In The USA

NK June 06 2022


The Bolt EV is a popular vehicle for those who want an all-electric car, but haven't been able to find one. This shortage has led dealerships across the country to add excessive markups on new cars to make up some ground left behind by lack of supply - which isn’t surprising considering how much demand there already was before these shortages began happening! The 2022 model year finally came with some relief though as it brought more variety than usual available from Chevrolet including their top-spec Premier version at 38 thousand dollars instead off solely LT or base versions starting around 31 hundred bucks.

When you think of affordable, what comes to mind? For many people, it's a cheap rental car or maybe even public transportation. But if we're talking about electric vehicles and the costs associated with owning them rather than just using them on the road-well that changes everything! The Bolt has always been one such vehicle; however recently there was an increase in popularity for this particular type which caused prices across all models within its class (including those from other companies) to go up by roughly 10%.

The Bolt has always been on the more affordable side of the electric vehicle spectrum, beaten only by its Mini Cooper SE counterpart. The latter sold for less than $30 thousand recently but is now priced at 34k after an increase just last year!

The Bolt is now the cheapest EV you can buy in America. For $4,905 less than its entry-level 2022 model and with a free destination charge included too! The new EUV starts at just under 29k so don't miss out on this opportunity while there's still time to get your hands on one before they sell out fast - because if history has taught us anything about electric cars it’s that people love them more than ever when they're affordable.

The new and improved Bolt EV is now available with both standard interior trim and luxury options for those who want more creature comfort. The 2LT version costs $29,795 while the top-spec EUV will set you back another thousand dollars at $32,695! In total, this means that if you're looking to get into an electric vehicle but don't need all of its bells n whistles then it would be worth checking out what's on offer.


The Bolt continues to be a popular choice among those looking for an affordable electric car. For this reason, many people might assume that the standard model carries forth with no changes - but buyers should know about some new features available on higher-end models like EUV!

The standard Bolt continues to be a strong competitor with its 66-kWh battery pack and 200-horsepower electric motor. It can go 259 miles on one charge, while the EUV only manages 247 but since they're both rated by EPA for this amount of range it's not really an issue!

The Bolt is GM's last EV to use the older battery tech, but upcoming models like Blazer and Silverado will be all-new. They'll have more power than ever before with up to 1,000hp!

The new Redline Package for the Bolt EUV is a great way to make your car look like it was tailor-made by GT racing. The black wheels and red exterior accents really stand out against this sleek grey vehicle, which will be available later this year!