Changing Tire Sizes: Good or Bad Idea?

Vlada February 02 2022

When you buy new tires, make sure to get tire sizes for stock and aftermarket rims. When you have tire sizes that are the same as the factory tire, then it is easier for your car or truck because they are designed to work with those tire sizes.

For example, if you get a larger tire with a larger outside diameter, your car will travel farther before the tire completes an entire rotation. Since your car's computer determines many things based on tire rotation, such as:

- Speedometer

- Odometer

- Anti-lock brake system

- Torque

- Traction control

- Gearing settings

When you change your tire size, you are changing the information that your car's computer gets. Your car's computer needs correct information to work well in emergencies. For example, if you have over-sized tires, your anti-lock brakes might not work as they should.

When changing your tire size might be acceptable

You can change the size of your tire without changing the diameter. This is done by buying tires that are made for larger rims. The tire will be thinner, but it will fit on the larger rim.

Sometimes tire size changes are important. You might have a tire that is very rare and expensive. It is good to buy tires with a diameter that is not more than 3% different from what your tire was.

Don't want to do the math? Use a Tire Size Calculator

You can use a tire size calculator to figure out the right tire size for stock or aftermarket rims. This involves a lot of math, which we will not do here. It is much easier to use a tire size calculator, which does the math for you.

Tire size is important for your car. You want tire size that fits the tire and tire type on your car. It is best to stay with stock tire sizes, but if you need a different tire size, it can be okay if you research and think about the tire change first.